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The new "I do"

  • Published at 12:05 am December 2nd, 2016
The new "I do"
Your wedding day comes only once in your life, but is remembered and cherished forever. Dhakaites love, live and breathe weddings. And nowadays, a modern wedding may last longer and be larger than you are used to. The wealthier the families, the longer the weddings - a whole week occupied with functions and entertaining rituals. With the wedding season now approaching, all you think about is the latest trends in the wedding bazaar. Choosing the right wedding theme and decorations can be as complicated and overwhelming as buying the perfect wedding lehengas and those heavy, kundan jewellery. It involves a lot of research and effort to put all its aspects into one place. Be it lights, flowers, furnishings or drapes, everything should be balanced – remember, your level of style of glamour will symbolise the great Bangladeshi wedding! Here are some fancy and modern decor trends for you to make your wedding day more special.

Setting the stage

One of the most important parts of any wedding is the centre stage. This is the area which gets maximum attention, as the bride and the groom are confined to this space for most of the time. If you want to create a long-lasting impression about your wedding in the minds of your guests, then you must pay special attention to this area. Nothing defines a Bangladeshi wedding better than the colour gold. Create a classic centre stage backdrop with artificial pillars and arches of this royal colour. The setup will not only look great, but will also make your photos standout. For a more dramatic set up, you can combine flowers and satin curtains of two different colours. Satin gives the entire stage a glamorous feel while fresh flowers add a romantic touch. The two can be put together in interesting designs to give the place a fairytale-like feel. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also go for a gorgeously decorated swing to serve as your stage. The swing itself is an antique that would look amazing even without the floral arrangement.

Centrepiece of attention

With table settings becoming more and more prominent, why not give the old centrepiece a cool twist? Yes, you can still do florals and candles, but just a bit differently, which makes quite a signature statement. Using umbrellas in decor is so in these days, and table settings are no exception! You can add it to the centrepiece for your own customised table décor. While birdcages have become pretty common in wedding décor these days, you cannot ignore the fact that they make for really pretty centrepieces. Mason jars are huge these days. Depending on your theme, you can get coloured, transparent or even decorated ones and have floral arrangements in them. Matte metallic bottles look elegant as well. Silver-painted branches lend a modern feel to a winter wedding.

Cakes for couples

Couples are very conscious of the changing trends in wedding cakes. Just about anything can inspire your wedding cake design, and today’s wedding cakes are unique and creative. Metallic cakes are great for weddings. Gold and silver with delicate embroidered looks, art deco or just adding a bit of sparkle to the cake can make it stand out. A wedding cake with the theme of Taj Mahal or Eiffel tower, the monuments of love, can make for a great wedding cake idea. You can also be creative and choose a symbol of love specific to the couple. Ombre is a huge trend in everything, and nowadays the trend can also be noticed in the wedding cake industry. If you don’t want something bold, think about an ivory ombre effect.

Flowery finds

The thing that adds life to a wedding decor are the colourful flowers and twinkling lights. These days you can experiment with different lighting varieties and fresh flowers. Choose three to five different flowers in the same shade — the slight colour variations create an ombré effect. This creates an unique and sophisticated look. Paper lanterns along with Thai ferns and flowers can create an out-of-the world experience. Or just get a bunch of your favourite roses and hang them upside down. Marigolds/gajras with tin bulbs can be a cool idea as well, if executed properly.

Set the theme first

Your themed wedding should be all about gentler ideas and interesting décor, keeping things subtle, chic, and unique. Use unusual hues like mint or pale yellow or even peach into the mix of happy blue and nice baby pink, and stay minimalistic. If it’s just a sofa and fairy lights – don’t add a chandelier into the mix. Remember, less is more! You can also go vintage with a little twist, add florals on bird cages in a smarter way, with floral walls and mirrored additions. When going for vintage, you can also have Mughal influences, which are very prominent and trendy. Just try to make it vibrant! Tents shaped like durbars and benarasi fabrics can give you the royal vibe.