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Think outside the box

  • Published at 03:58 pm March 16th, 2017
Think outside the box
The Lion star Dev Patel isn’t really known for his stylish outfits on and off the red carpet. However, with his latest performances, he’s proved that the kid in Slumdog Millionaire wasn’t a one-hit wonder. He’s a lead-worthy actor that is gradually raising his stock price in Hollywood. Alongside his stardom, his fashion choices have recently been under the spotlight. The soon to be 27-year-old was recently seen at South by South West (SXSW) in Austin, Texas wearing a somewhat risky choice in what is usually infested with bomber jackets, dark wash jeans and subtle navy suits. In other words, SXSW isn’t really known for impeccable style that gets the entire town talking. The annual film-music-media festival is the perfect place to pull off something no one would expect. Patel was decked out in shades of grey, from his shirt, casual trousers and suede lace-ups. What really topped the outfit was his double-breasted pink jacket. While everyone else might have opted for the safer, black and evening wear, the English actor turned heads at Armani’s Films of City Frames film premiere event. This just goes to show that South Asian men can be as smooth and sexy with the best of them. And let’s not forget his long wavy locks and his not-so-tidy beard. So now you’re wondering, “How the hell do I pull something off like that?” Simple: carefully. Breakdown What really stands out about this entire look is its easy on the eyes fabrics and colours. A lot of fashion is also about pulling off an illusion. What may seem like a sophisticated evening-wear is actually incredibly casual and easy going. It’s something you might think of wearing during the weekends for an evening get-together. The soft pink of the wide-lapel jacket, crewneck knitted top, even lighter grey trousers and the suede wingtips gives off a ridiculous amount of coolness aura. He also decided to keep the shirt untucked and the jacket unbuttoned. Again, his choices are very relaxed and not actually tailored so you could be wondering which rack holds these gems for you to try out.
A lot of fashion is also about pulling off an illusion
Up top It’s all about the details. Take a good look at how the shades of grey complement each other, not going on a drastic contrast binge. Also notice the grey buttons on his pink jacket. Another complement. You might not be able to pull off the pink jacket or even find one anytime near or soon, but you can substitute it with a very light (in fabric), soft-pink cardigan. It’s still a classy choice for an evening out and you can easily keep it unbuttoned. Since the cardigan takes care of the knitted category, a grey dress shirt or a higher quality t-shirt works well underneath the pink top layer. We want to keep the look as close to Dev’s so make sure the greys are in the softer tones. Down below The trousers are your easiest choices to make. You can try and be a bit more flexible here, choosing between a tailored bottom or a casual one. Either one works. The shoes, on the other hand, will take a little bit more consideration. They don’t necessarily have to be wingtips, but this smoother than butter look does require the suede to round things up. Instead of lace-ups, you can choose suede Derbys or loafers. While high-end sneakers aren’t completely out of the question, it’s better to go with items that will keep within the ensemble’s overall flow. Takeaway Putting together a look like this is simpler than most would think. Sure, you’d have to think about your skin tone and which colours will flatter you most, but if this brown guy can pull it off so can you. The colours and fabrics here can be a sure winner, both in comfort and style. But do keep one thing in mind, even if it is a casual look: fit is everything. You want to be comfortable and relaxed but never let any of these items look ill-fitting or baggy. There should be just the right amount of slack to make things comfy without making it look as if your clothes have nearly swallowed you whole.