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Autumn in style

  • Published at 03:41 pm October 4th, 2017
Autumn in style
We all know this time of the year isn’t as forgiving as the autumn season in other locations of the world. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t sport similar items that are in trend, and can take you swimmingly into the winter months as well.

Corduroy jacket

There are certain signature looks or items that tend to make their way back into the mainstream stylish streets. The modern corduroy jacket is an icon of the 70s. But with today’s menswear, the jackets we see today are slimmer in fitting, and looks even more flattering than before. This is going to be your number one investment item for your autumn wardrobe. The reason for this is, it is not as versatile as other jackets you may encounter. The aesthetics and design of this particular jacket is warmer than you would expect. Although it will feel comfortable and light to wear, it will look like a proper staple of the autumn/winter months. An all-corduroy suit might be difficult to come by, unless you’ve ordered one online. It’s wiser to sport either the jacket by itself or find yourself slim-fitted corduroy trousers.

Designer tee

It may not be summer anymore, but the role of a t-shirt goes nowhere. Donning a quality graphic tee needs to be taken care of with ease. The entire idea behind the autumn/winter style is layering wisely. The best way to take care of a graphic tee is to surround it with an award-winning supporting cast. There are a couple of ways to wear a graphic tee with layers; both are of the more casual looks. The more difficult choice is to rock a graphic tee with a blazer and dressy jeans. We say difficult because not every many can pull this off. You have to know exactly what you are doing. The second is a tad easier. Put on a denim jacket (keep an eye out for Noir’s upcoming items), some fitted trouser-sweats, crispy-clean sneakers and your best pair of shades.


A proper autumn sweater, such as a chunky looking cardigan or even a crew-neck sweatshirt, can achieve the best Statesman via Kingsman swagger. A cardigan with traditional autumn, earthy colours can work in two separate approaches. Look one can be put together with a Henley or a solid coloured t-shirt underneath, combined with light-washed jeans and brown, laced up suede boots. Roll up the sleeves just a tad and swing a stylish backpack or bag over your shoulders. The second look is a bit dressed up. The same cardigan can be layered on top of a denim shirt (sleeves slightly rolled up again), fitted trousers – in autumn colours – with dark brown leather lace-ups. You can always add a vintage-like belt buckle to compliment the entire look.

Overall take

The whole idea is to combine corduroy with denim. Swap the top for the bottom and vice versa. It’s also important to make sure the fabric of each item feels comfortable on your skin and it lets your body breathe during unpredictable weather in a climate like ours. You can always peal a layer off when things get a little unbearable.