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The lad lookbook: Setting winter on fire

  • Published at 04:14 pm January 22nd, 2018
More often than not, brides tend to be the centrepiece of South Asian weddings and are usually subjected to unabashed gawking from the aunties, if not all. However, we at Avenue T believe that the groom’s attire should also complement hers and before anything else, needs to be stylish. Sherwanis are an all time favourite for grooms to don on their special day probably because it makes even the average Joe look like a prince with a little effort. The trick is to finding the right cut, and colour to match with the mood of the event. Read on to find out wedding attire ideas for your special day.

For the bold and brave

If you are on the braver side of life, the world is your oyster. Play with patterns, florals, colours in order to find the right mix, as long as it is sophisticated and easy on the eyes. Do not step out of your comfort zone to avoid coming across as being excessively (read unnecessarily) flamboyant.

Minimal and traditional

This is a particularly problematic area since most of the traditional sherwanis that you can find are usually over-done to death. However, there are a few things that you can keep in mind if you are opting for a gorgeous attire. Remember to choose minimal embellishments on the sherwani and carefully steer clear of the gaudier of shades in terms of colour.

Occasion appropriate

It is also important that you think about the mood, setting and the time of the event before deciding on your outfit. For instance, you can opt for lighter shades of pastel if it is a day-time wedding with matching turbans (and maybe a kickass pair of sunglasses to tie it all in).

Coatie patootie

The recent rise in popularity for coaties have convinced many grooms to wear them with panjabis, especially on their holuds. If you are one of them, pick coaties with edgy cuts if you are having them tailored. In terms of colour, the primary objective is to create a contrast which may be achieved through a darker or lighter shade of the colour. Or, you can jazz it up with floral prints that is based on a light colour (it can be white as well as a lighter shade of your panjabi) which is perfect for a day-time holud.