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4 fashion trends to look forward to in 2018

  • Published at 08:13 pm February 21st, 2018
4 fashion trends to look forward to in 2018


Gone are those days of skinny ripped jeans. 2018’s all about those loose pants you have hidden in the closet. So it’s time you get those out and start wearing them. Not just loose trousers, side-striped trousers are very much in as well. So if you want to dress casually, yet trendy, pair up your side-striped pants with a regular T-shirt, and you’re good to go. And if you’re in the mood to go all classy, wear the best leather pants you own, and style it up with a pastel coloured shirt.

Colour blocking

If you’re in the mood for experimenting, you should definitely go for colour blocking this year. The colour blocking techniques are truly making a style statement, and we’re surely giving it a thumbs up too. There are three ways you can try styling your colour-blocked outfit: monochromatic (one colour throughout the entire outfit in different shades), separate (mix your garments of contrasting colours), and stand-alone (one colour-blocked garment). Go with the one which best suits your personality, and make your own style statement.

Vertical stripes

This year’s fashion trend has hardly anything to do with prints and patterns for men. But the great news is that the 50’s fashion is back, and with that the acceptance of vertical stripes. I mean, won’t you agree with me when I say that there’s nothing more classier than stripes? And with stripes, you can hardly go wrong, as they work perfectly in both formal and casual situations. You can play around and vary up the thickness and colour of the stripe that you’re wearing. From pinstripe found in trousers mostly, to casual stripe shirts, or even regular stripe T-shirts, there are so many options to choose from.

Going retro

If you’re someone who has always admired Elvis Presley’s sense of fashion, it’s your time to rejoice now. The 50’s style is back and has already started dominating the fashion scene in the country and abroad. Hawaiian shirts, bowling shirts in pastels, and of course, long blazers – go with something which suits your personality the best, and will make you look stylish at the same time.