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5 best sunset spots at magical Santorini

  • Published at 03:17 pm July 12th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:44 pm July 12th, 2018

Everyone knows that Santorini is the most beautiful and unique island in the world – nothing can ever beat that view of a blue and white town, with the majestic blue domed churches dotting the caldera cliff-side.

Most tourists make the mistake of visiting Santorini as part of a day trip, whilst sailing around Greece. Others make the mistake of simply visiting for a couple of days, hurriedly checking out as many spots as they can and watching the famous sunset at Oia.

Me? Well, I’m different.

And I suggest you start being different too…at least as far as Santorini is concerned. I’ll be outlining more on Santorini exploration in an upcoming piece, but for now, let us focus on the best sunset spots in and around Santorini.

Check out the sunset at Oia

This goes without saying – the famous sunset at Oia is famous for good reason: it truly is the most beautiful sunset you will ever witness. Whatever time the sunset is at, ensure that you get to your chosen viewing spot at least three hours in advance (yes, I’m not kidding!). 

Personally, if you’re lucky enough to be staying in Santorini for a few days, I would suggest that you use the mornings as an opportunity to explore Oia and scout the best places for watching the sunset. Once this is done, you can simply head to your previously fixed spot in the afternoon. Take snacks and water with you – and make sure you have enough charge and free space in your camera – you don’t want to miss the photo opportunities!

Check out the sunset at Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay is situated near the water, at the bottom of Oia. Ask any locals to point you in the right direction and you will have no trouble finding this place. Brace yourself though for the approximate 300 steps that lead down to Amoudi Bay (bad idea for people with mobility issues!). 

From this spot, you will actually be able to enjoy a leisurely waterfront early dinner, whilst admiring the view of Oia from below, minus the hustle and jostling of the crowds.

Check out the sunset at 'The Winery'

The beauty of the island of Santorini is that everyone knows all the attractions – all you need to do is simply ask someone for directions to 'The Winery' and you will get a map to the place (or alternatively, you can purchase/pick-up a map of Santorini attractions once you get here and find the Winery listed there too). 

This place offers an amazing chilled out vibe well into the evening, accompanied with gorgeous views. Do ensure that you get there early (if possible, call ahead and book a table). There is no entry fee but you are expected to purchase refreshments.

Check out the sunset at 'The Mexican Restaurant'

If you’re a fan of Mexican food, lively music and beautiful sunsets with a glass of sangria, then this is a must-hit-place for you! We stumbled upon this place quite by accident, when we returned to The Winery and found that it was booked out that evening. One of the servers recommended us to head to this place, otherwise we would have never found it.

Try their fantastic dishes (surprisingly not expensive, based on their location!) and their fruity sangria, whilst you admire the beautiful scene unfolding slowly.

Check out the sunset on the sea

There are several sunset cruise options on the many yachts and catamarans from Santorini. If you have the time and the budget, go for it one evening. It’s an amazing view – watching the sunset whilst on the water, with the sun setting on one side and the sun-kissed view of Oia town on the other side. 

Enjoy the spread of finger food and drinks, feel the sway of the waves underneath you and the wind on your face, while you enjoy one of the most memorable and beautiful sunsets of your life!

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