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7 essential tools that you need to stack in your emergency wedding kit

  • Published at 05:28 pm January 20th, 2018
7 essential tools that you need to stack in your emergency wedding kit
Every girl needs her wedding to be perfect. From Bollywood movies to Pinterest posts, the anticipation of the wedding day can be overwhelming. However, no matter how hard one tries, a thing or two may go wrong if you're not prepared for it. How, you ask? You may forgetfully leave behind your gold bangle or your tailored blouse while rushing to the parlor. Your makeup artist may just have run out of the maroon lipstick that would have perfectly complimented your mauve lehenga. Minimise the stress by building yourself an emergency kit for the wedding.

Safety Pins

Whether it’s a ripped hem, or a loose blouse, a slipping dupatta, or even a freak accident where your shamiana comes loose, you can never have enough safety pins at hand.

Blotting paper

When you’re wearing layers of makeup and sitting under those lights, you’re going to get a shiny face no matter what. Blotting paper keeps you picture-perfect.

Perfume & mint

A wedding can go on for hours. It is better to spritz a little fragrance every now and then to make sure that you not only look good but smell breathtaking as well. However, do not down an entire bottle on yourself that might suffocate the guests who are looking for a hug from you.


Yes. I am not joking about this. If you are married and reading this article, you know what I am talking about. A wedding day is stressful enough to give you a headache. Nevertheless, you cannot let it linger for too long, otherwise you'll get cranky with your wedding photographer whose job is to constantly pester you to pose. You need to calm down and compose yourself. Pop in an aspirin!


The wedding hairstyle is the most difficult styles that your hair has to endure. After hours of teasing the crown and creating the perfect twirl or the nicely twisted bun at the back of your head, the last thing you need is a strong gush of wind to ruin it. Don't go crazy with the hairspray though, lightly spritz a few pumps to hold everything in place.

Face powder

You do not want to ruin your makeup. Adding a few touch ups every now and then will keep the access oil at bay and help you look fresh every time you pose for a candid shot.


This might sound strange but you will thank us later. Extra thread getting tangled at the end of your drape, or when you forget to cut the price tag on your outfit, a pair of scissors is what you need. If you still forget to carry one of these, just know that it’s perfectly fine. It’s your wedding day, just enjoy it while it lasts. In case you do need something that you haven’t already packed, just call a friend! Because I am sure one can never forget their cellphones. Congrats on your big day!