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Notes from Nahila

  • Published at 06:20 pm April 29th, 2019
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Privé founder Nahila Hedayet talks to Avenue T

Nahila Hedayet is the beautiful face behind Privé Salon and Spa, which has made a firm place in the beauty industry and is admired by many. A diva of beauty and fashion, Nahila loves working in the beauty industry and she is constantly evolving. In a recent interview with Avenue T, she discussed Boishakh preparations for the ladies and shared some of her own beauty secrets.

What Boishakhi offers is Privé Salon and Spa giving out this season?

In order to make this Boishakh more festive, we are providing hair makeover packages for our clients that include hair cuts, colour and treatment at discounted rates. We have also arranged a few head-to-toe spa packages, keeping the summer season in mind. All our packages have been designed to allow customers to have as many benefits as possible, ensuring they feel pampered and cared for.

We also tailor our spa packages to suit our clients’ needs. So feel free to share your concerns and we can put together a bespoke package just for you.

What should be the priority product(s) for skincare in summer?

Sunblock: the name says it all. Whether you can feel the difference or not sunscreens are really important to help prevent UV rays that cause sunspots, premature ageing and severe skin cell damage. Sunlight destroys the melanin in our skin and this makes our body produce more and darker melanin, thus darkening the skin.

How should one approach hair care this season?

Summer in Bangladesh is really humid and it brings a whole lot of hair problems with it. Try to avoid extra heat if you cannot avoid the sun out there, this means less blow drys and heating tools. To control that frizz without making your hair too greasy, you can use apple cider vinegar - dilute it with water and spray it all over your hair before you wash them. We wash our hair more often during summer as well and this results in stripping our hair from its natural oils. So oiling your hair once in a while is also important even during summer.

What is a trendy hairstyle to wear this Pohela Boishakh? Could you give us a step-by-step guideline for one such do-at-home hairstyle?

Sleek low buns are very much in this summer. They work with all kind of traditional dresses.

You can either do a middle parting or a side parting according to your comfort level.

Step one: Part your hair according to your preference (middle or side parting).

Step two: Gather all your hair together and secure them in a low ponytail.

Step three: Twist your ponytail tightly till the end and secure the end with a rubber band.

Step four: Wrap the twisted ponytail in a bun and secure the bun using bobby pins.

Step five: You can make the bun bigger by gently pulling the twisted hair outwards.

Step six: Use hair spray to make the hairstyle more durable and long lasting.

What kind of makeup do you think is in this season? 

During summer, keep your makeup soft light and delicate. Sheer glowing skin with very less to no foundation will make you look and feel fresh as well. Play with colours when it comes to your eyes. It’s time to take out all those colourful pallets that you’ve hidden somewhere.

Winged and coloured eyeliners in taupe, turquoise green with bold lips in fuchsia, red or pink, looks very trendy yet summer fresh. Metallic shadows and shiny, glossy lips are also trending this summer. 

To end with, what do you absolutely love about Boishakh?

I absolutely love eating out and having traditional Bengali food on Boishakh. It is a very festive day of the year and I love celebrating it with my family, friends and loved ones.

Any future plans or exclusives you want to share with the readers of Avenue T?

Privé is introducing Dermalogica Professional facial exclusively for our privileged members. We are also planning to launch our salon range hair care products customized to our clients’ needs.