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August by Ambreen

  • Published at 04:48 pm May 29th, 2019

Summer in style. Part: 1

Summer marks its arrival with splashes of colours, with Krishnachura, Radhachura and Baganbilashi. If you are prepping to glam up this summer for Eid, August by Ambreen is your go to for exquisite online shopping. Mindful of the unbearable season, Ambreen Morshed unveiled her clothing line, which is “modern, sober and comfortable”.

In her own words “As the fashion industry continues to introduce new styles every season, I try to create a new line of designs that reflects the natural colours and aesthetic of each season”. It was a year ago, during her last semester in North South University, when she started the venture, with some financial help from her mother.The amount may have been small, but it gave Ambreen the big boost of confidence that she needed to start the business. Ambreen believes in adding a personal touch to each piece she designs, and tries to limit the number of each design produced in order to ensure exclusivity.

“Less is more” is a concept that you can certainly notice if you have seen her designs on Instagram and her exhibitions. Ambreen pays close attention to each of her dresses: from picking out stunning colour combinations, to designing them with opulent cuts, adding frills to dupattas, she finishes her pieces with sewed on embellishments. Thus, with such designs in mind, the name ‘August’ seems quite fitting, which stands for magnificent and tasteful.

Ambreen draws inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor’s fearless fashion sense, and a quote by Coco Chanel that goes, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different”.

Till date, she has created over eighty dresses for each of her exhibitions. For her signature wear she has used local muslin and expensive materials for a posh effect. She has also designed office and party-wear kurtis in more comfortable materials, such as cotton, silk and georgette. Ambreen is slowly learning and growing as a designer. Social media has played a major role for her to have a breakthrough in her career, and she is grateful for that.

With the immense positive feedback from her clients, Ambreen  left us at Avenue T on a positive note:  “My biggest advice to everyone is to be humble, work hard and have a positive attitude. Showing people who you really are in terms of business will eventually help you succeed in the long run. Earning the faith of the customers is how a small business like mine can shine”.

To grab your dresses in hue colousrs, order at: https://www.instagram.com/augustbyambreen/?hl=en