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Summer essentials

  • Published at 05:44 pm May 29th, 2019
Summer Essentials
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To counter the effects of the heavy heat and humidity, here are a few tips that will help to keep our skin nourished and beaming throughout the year, especially during the hot summer days

Summer is now in full swing, with the temperature hitting 34 degrees on the daily. As I write, my skin is sticky and tacky and is definitely unable to breathe. According to dermatologists, that means that our skin gets tired due to the frequent use of everyday products, and more importantly, the strong summer sun. With the summer season reigning over our country’s atmosphere for the major part of the year, it gets very difficult to maintain healthy glowing skin during this season.

Don’t step out in the sun without protection

Make the umbrella your new best friend! Whenever you step out in extreme temperatures, use an umbrella or a scarf. You can also wear thin socks to protect your feet from getting heavily suntanned. Use good quality sunglasses to protect the area under the eyes, and save yourself the trouble of dealing with those stubborn dark circles.

Be liberal with the sunscreen

I am sure you have gotten tired of this tip already. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you remember to use sunscreen! As most beauty experts claim, a good sunscreen protects your skin from the sun, lessens the effects of tanning and averts skin damage to a large extent. So, if you haven’t picked up this habit already, invest in a good sunscreen that shields from both UVA and UVB as soon as possible. Choose one whose SPF is between 30 and 60. This will offer you the skin protection you need in this scorching heat.

Wash your face the right way

Every time you walk out of the house, you are exposed to dust, dirt and heavy pollution. All these can affect your skin negatively. So, in order to lessen the damage of these factors, you need to wash your face properly. Apply a face wash that suits your skin. Home-made face packs can do wonders, too - especially if you have a tan or your skin feels dull and lifeless. A quick simple pack to lighten the effects of tanning can be using a small portion of gram flour and honey. Mix the two ingredients together and apply it on your face evenly. Remember to not use water in the mixture. It might feel a little sticky at first, so you can moisten your hands with water and gently massage your face to take off the pack a few minutes later. If you want glowing skin, you can also use a blend of white sandalwood powder and yoghurt. This mixture cleanses your face and gives you fresh, radiant skin.

Consume beneficial foods

It can get so hot sometimes that not only our skin but our whole body is in discomfort. In that case, we need to go for foods that will soothe our skin and body. Opt for fruits as healthy snacks that are juicy and high in water content, like watermelons, cantaloupes, mangoes and coconut water. Avoid foods that are heavily fried in oil, as these may irritate your skin and result in the formation of acne. Also, make sure you are hydrated throughout the day, and carry a water bottle with you.

In order to have fresh, radiant skin, you should avoid certain things, such as the follows:

Choose your outfits wisely

When getting out in the heat, it is always better to wear clothes that are comfortable and airy. So, opt for clothes that allow air to flow, like cottons or linens. Avoid outfits that are made of synthetic fibres or silk, as these cling to you if you sweat and may cause rashes or other skin problems.

Summer is bright and fun. So, go with the dos, say goodbye to the don’ts, and let yourself enjoy this season in all its glory!