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Feelin’ the glow

  • Published at 05:14 pm December 12th, 2019
At_December 2019_Glow by Larissa

Some make-up tricks, straight from an expert

CourtesyFor every artist, the strongest driving force is their passion for what they do. Larissa Fazle is no exception to that. A make-up artist and founder of Glow by Larissa Fazle, Larissa’s passion for her craft led her to pursuing professional training in the field, to do what she does even better.

Larissa received her training at the London Makeup School in the UK, and went to New York for further extensive training in Airbrush Makeup in Chic Studios.  

What her clients mostly appreciate, apart from her expertise in the craft itself, are the hygiene and comfort that her studio maintains. 

Larissa’s preferred style of make-up is naturally glamorous. According to her, the skin must look flawless, with features that are well defined and sculpted, whether she is creating a heavy, glam look or a subtle, dewy one.

This wedding season, Larissa offered her two cents to the readers of Avenue T on what make-up trends are her faves, and which need to go.

Make-up musts

• Prepping the skin before makeup is very important. This ensures that it goes on evenly and stays put. The better your skin looks to begin with, the better the makeup will look.

• Colour correction before foundation and concealer is very important. Colour correcting is the method of using complementary colours that are directly opposite in the colour spectrum to cancel out the look of skin discolouration. Colour correcting concealers generally come in green, lavender, yellow, orange and coral tones.

Peach/orange: Cancels out blue. Use it to correct blue or purple under-eye circles or veins.

Green: Cancels out red. Great for correcting.

Purple/Lavender: Cancels out yellow.

Yellow: Cancels out purple.

Courtesy• Make sure to set your foundation with powder. It will help to set the foundation, weather-proofing your look and making it easier to proceed to contouring, applying blush or applying any other powder products.

• For the under-eye area, use a concealer that is at least one to two shades lighter than your natural skin-tone – in order to avoid obvious white circles around the eye area.

• Wearing faux lashes on the big day will make your eyes speak for themselves. Fake lashes will enhance your eyes and give them the extra pop that you need.

Make-up don’ts 

• Avoid using foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. Going for the wrong foundation shade will make the skin look uneven and will clash with the natural tone of your neck, shoulders and hands.

• Do not leave any facial wax or threading job for the last minute. Get it done way ahead of the big day, to avoid rashes, redness and any cuts.

• Do not skip face primer. A face primer helps to smooth out the skin, filling in the pores, which makes it look more polished and even. It also blurs out the blemishes, giving the skin a smooth finish.

• Do not skip setting spray. Setting sprays help to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. It also prevents your makeup from creasing, fading and smudging.

• Go easy with the mascara, to avoid ending up with clumpy lashes.

Common mistakes

One of the common mistakes brides make, according to Larissa, is that they wear too much make-up, or do not choose the right shade of foundation for their skin-tones. Many end up using concealer that is three to four shades lighter than the foundation they used.Photo: Tanvir Ali Photography

Another common mistake is not blending properly. Blending is the key to any make-up application, whether it is for eye-shadow, contour or highlight. Lastly, Larissa advised brides not to go over-board with their eyebrows.

Larissa added: “My tips for a healthy appearance on their big day would be to get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, and the use the right skincare products leading up to the special day.”

Biggest trends of the season

Guess who’s back, back again; 90’s make-up looks, that’s who! People tend to wear more natural and luminous make-up nowadays. However, unlike the 90’s, there will be no over-plucking in 2019 (thank God for that).

The smoky eye is still a classic make-up look that you can’t really go wrong with, and the use of shimmer has been stealing the show this season.

Thinking out of the box

Some of the unconventional methods Larissa uses while doing makeup are:

Replacing lip colour with blush

Mixing a drop of oil with the regular foundation to tend to dry skin

Applying translucent powder between mascara coats -- it creates volume and increases longevity of the mascara

Pressing on some ice before make-up, which can shrink pores and reduce inflammation

TPhoto: Tanvir Ali Photographyhe Avenue T photo shoot

Since it was a day-time photo shoot, Larissa kept the makeup light and subtle. So, on the first model, Jakia, she did a traditional bronze golden eye make-up with bright pink lips.

As the model tried two different outfits, Larissa went for a traditional look to match both the outfits. 

The first outfit was for a holud evening, in pink and gold, while the second was for the wedding day or the reception, in a rich red. The lip colour Larissa chose was a bright pink for the former, and later changed it to maroon for the second outfit. 

As the second model, Nandita, wore a black lehenga, Larissa opted for a black smoky eye look, and nude lips to complement that. 

With every look, Larissa tries to do the make-up in such a way that it will require little to no touch-ups in photos. She strives to keep the look as natural as possible, but still heavy enough to complement the lights and look flawless on camera.

To see more of her artistry, visit her Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/glowbylarissafazle/