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The shape of love

  • Published at 07:30 pm December 18th, 2019
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Exclusive innerwear designs that fit like a dream

Of all the struggles that unite the female species of the world, one that stands out is with innerwear. Bras that don’t fit right, bras that have straps cutting into our shoulders, bras that have seams showing on top of three layers of clothing; and underwires. Dear God, the underwires! Poking holes right through us, these act as a constant reminder of -- nay, punishment for -- being born as women. Especially for women in the subcontinent, finding the perfect bra has been a particularly heart-breaking myth.

Having dealt with these very struggles, a frustrated Monoshita Ayruani, Director, WebAble Digital, decided to take matters into her own hands. After extensive research on the topic, Ayruani, along with her partner based in Hong Kong, dived right into a market that was, previously, relatively untouched. What she found out during her research was that the shoulder to chest ratio of South Asian women is vastly different from that of Western women -- which is the market most lingerie brands cater to. This finding, she says, explicitly proves that the chance of the existing lingerie in the market will most likely never fit us as well as we’d hope.

Another major concern that arose was the fact that most intimate wear brands do not aim to serve plus-sized women. This leaves a large portion of the female population in a big dilemma. Especially now, when body positivity is an issue so highly talked about and advocated for, the need to cater to bigger women is more dominant than ever before.

Ayruani also noticed some recurring problems. Many women, more often than not, fail to pick the right size of bras for themselves. Moreover, there are certain “rules” on how to measure the right size that do not, unfortunately, apply to pluz-sized women. With all these in mind, Ayruani decided to find a long-term, affordable and comfortable solution for her fellow South Asian women, with Shape.

After the research, there was a testing period -- with the help of their friends and family, they were able to decide on the exact shape and design of the products they were to launch. And thus, Shape came to be. Shape offers intimate wear that is seamless and and sans the dreaded underwire -- and each order is customized to fit the clients perfectly. Ayruani personally conducts a consultation process with each of her clients to ensure that they pick the right size for themselves.

Shape launched fairly recently, but the response has been immense. Right after the launch, Ayruani noticed that a lot of her clients re-ordered more right after they got their hands on the product, owing to the level of comfort the innerwear provides. 

At present, Shape offers two different designs. One of the designs, called the Bra Top, is one that acts as a bra and a tank top together, in order to avoid layering up too often. Ayruani has kept in mind the everyday struggles, small or large, that women have to deal with in terms of innerwear. With the feedback they receive from their clients, Shape aims to come up with more design variations, and grow the client base they’ve created in a short span of time.

They currently have four sizes available, but Ayruani plans to increase that eventually, in order to be able to serve women of all sizes. Also, in addition to the neutral colour palette that their products currently come in, Shape will also offer more colour options in the future.

Shape is a brand that has arrived not only as a solution to an age-old problem, but also with the means to educate more women about what their body needs and how to achieve that, while also looking and feeling their best.

To get your consultation and place your orders, visit: https://www.instagram.com/justwearshape/