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Adorn yourself

  • Published at 06:59 pm January 8th, 2020

Handmade goodness

“I remember making a ring for nine hours at a stretch, and for the first time, I did not feel exhausted.” said Priyanka Serniabat Taj, about her exhilarating new-found passion for handmade crafts. Despite living in different parts of the world, four best friends always manage the time to travel together, and in the midst of all the traveling, the different arts and craft always leave them in awe. This passion for arts and craft convinced them to promote handmade products for the mass market. They spent months on product research, searching for suppliers and a workshop. Last year in January, Priyanka Taj, Nehreena Azima, Mithila Farid and Agnee Khan launched Adorn & Co. boutique. 

Adorn & Co. wants to introduce the different cultures to Bangladesh. Till date, they have curated items from various places like New York, Istanbul and Bangladesh.

The company carefully sources some of their products and supplies from around the world; some of the pieces are hand-produced at the workshop.

They went into collaboration with carpenters, goldsmiths, and craftsmen whose stories were as unique as the Adorn & Co. products.

When they decided to experience the handmade work themselves, Priyanka and Agnee seized the opportunity, to take a crash course on metal work and gemology. “After that particular course, I am never going to take any piece of jewelry for granted. A lot of hard work goes into crafting them to perfection ” said Agnee, confessing that a huge amount of time, labour and energy is given in to making even the smallest handmade product. Mithila and Nehreen are eager to do the course whenever they get the free time. 

Doing a full time job and running a business altogether can be daunting. Agnee said: “The pressure was immense when we started out, but we had our sincere faith in this project. The four of us love doing all the work that goes in to making Adorn & Co. what it is.” Despite the four of them having their individual styles, they share a very healthy communication. This has lead them to run the business smoothly.

Adorn & Co. is different since they mostly promote handmade work. Discussing about the market, Agnee mentioned: “We want to promote and show appreciation to a curator’s handwork and introduce different unconventional designs to the market.” Adorn & Co. has a collection of rustic and Bohemian designs. Each Adorn & Co. product has its own special story to tell.

Not sure what to gift the newly married couples this season?  Explore their collection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, handcuffs, table runners and lampshades, at their pop-up store in Prism. Or simply visit them at https://www.facebook.com/adorncoboutique/