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Life in colour

  • Published at 03:56 pm February 5th, 2020

Trending hues of SS20

According to Pantone Colour Institute colour experts, colours for Spring/Summer 2020 express our desire for a sense of the familiar. Friendly and relatable, a palette of colours that conveys a sense of ease. At the same time, in this era of personalized self- expression, this palette of recognized favourites uses the familiar to take some unique twists and turns highlighting elements of humour, modernity and entertainment.

Studying the ramp at Bangladesh Fashion Week 2020, we saw a similar trends emerge. Here’s a breakdown

True blues

The Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 is a bold primary shade of blue that telegraphs a nostalgia for simpler childhood times. This is a shade that popped up on the Runway of Life segment of the BFW, as well as a lot of the indigo-based designs by designers like Nawshin Khair and Rifat Rahman.

After several seasons of the reign of the dark wash, the classic blue denim is also making a strong comeback, and with it, there is that surge in popularity in that soft blue shade that never quite goes out of fashion.

Earthy reds

With forest fires heating up an already too-warm planet, even the fashion world is seeing red. Abroad, the dominant shade is an on-the-nose shade called Flaming Scarlet. At home, the warmth is diffused in deeper, earthier shades like terracotta and maroon.

Mellow yellows

The rise of Instagram culture and the obsession with East Asian aesthetics has seen a surge in the popularity of yellow. This cheery colour popped up on runways all over the world, and soft, buttery shades of it could be seen on ensembles by Mumu Maria.

Neutral gear

With an aim to bring the focus back towards organic fabrics, several of the designers, including FD president Maheen Khan opted for neutral beiges that closely mimic the khadi fibres, creating elegance through monochromes. Others, like Bhutanese designer Chandrika Tamang, opted for the classic binary of black and white to create impact.