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Nepal suits up

  • Published at 02:23 pm February 5th, 2020
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Ajay M Gurung on the evolution of menswear in Nepal

Menswear enjoyed a lot of spotlight in this year’s edition of Bangladesh Fashion Week, and representing Nepal, we got to see the dashing and dapper Ajay M Gurung showcase his sharp suits and trendy casual wear.

An artist since birth, Gurung received a grant to study Fine Arts at Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore, and inspired by his fashionable father, he turned to fashion design. Although he was initially planning to further his experience in Europe, a family tragedy brought him back to Nepal, where a bespoke request from a friend opened up the doors to a thriving business, which saw 350 suits being sold in its first three months. 

“In terms of tailoring I think the double breasted suit is here to stay”

With a view to promoting sustainability, Gurung’s collection for BFW2020 included outfits made from local fabrics like hemp and nettle. “I know things are not going to change overnight,” he said, of the need to move towards clean, eco-conscious fashion, adding, “In the long run, however [events like Bangladesh Fashion Week] will definitely have a deep impact. The only concern is consistency.”

When asked about what he thinks will be trending this year, he said: “It’s a new decade and we always tend to have new aspirations, dreams and goals to achieve. Bespoke suits and shoes will have more demand. As for fashion in general, it will be a bolder year with colors like neon and pastels, streamlined tailoring.”