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Planning perfection

  • Published at 03:26 pm February 6th, 2020

A common practice that we witnessed in brown households, growing up, was all the family members coming together to prepare for big events in the family. Be it for birthdays or weddings, there would always be a group of cousins putting their heads together and setting up everything they needed for the event. This came from a place of wanting to be involved, and also make use of the abundant amount of time available to the youth at that age. Many people seem to have grown that very practice into something they could do professionally. One such individual is Nabila Chowdhury, founder of Rev Events by Nabila.                                       

Nabila started out by helping her relatives and friends plan and prepare for their weddings from a very early age. She has always had the interest and skills in everything related to the arts, and that helped her learn how to create for very little money. Word spread soon about her work, and that motivated Nabila to set up a Facebook page for Rev Events. A friend of hers, Redwan-ul Ansari, created the logo for Rev Events, having seen Nabila’s work. She went on to work on the decor for his wedding, too.

When Nabila started off, it was just her doing all the work. Her cousin has recently teamed up with her, assisting her to manage orders and finances. Nabila, on the other hand, focuses mainly on the designs. She consults her clients to find out what they are looking for. What attracts most of her clients is Nabila’s can-do attitude, and her ability to cut down costs and still produce extraordinary results. Most of her clients seek budget-friendly plans, either for a lack of large funds, or due to their inhibition towards spending a major portion of their life’s earnings on a wedding. Since she has the skills for crafts, and three little helpers in the form of her three adorable kids, Nabila cooks up stunning decor pieces that look like a million dollars, without making her clients go broke. She also advises her clients on which elements they need to invest on, and which she can work on herself.

Having had training in Art in school, even though she studied Computer Science at university, Nabila can sketch out her vision for clients and vendors. She also has a remarkable sense of colours, and can immediately pick out colour schemes appropriate for every event she plans.

"She has always had the interest and skills in everything related to the arts, and that helped her learn how to create for very little money"

Nabila’s expertise with the crafts paired with her 15 years of experience crafting events for the organization she used to work for is what helps her figure out the best possible ways to pull off the events her clients’ desires. She now has an elaborate idea about the ins and outs of planning an event, owing to her first-hand experience. She has paid close attention to how the stage is being done, or how the vision is being brought to life. This has given her the knowledge she needs to properly measure and execute her plans. Safety is also a major concern, because of which Nabila makes sure to sit down with the authorities at the venue, to discuss how the wiring and other safety hazards can be taken care of.

Nabila has had multiple mishaps that she had to deal with while crafting these events, ranging from the flowers not arriving on time to decorative mirrors shattering into thousands of pieces on their way. This never stopped her from delivering exactly what she promised her clients -- even if that required her to pay out of her own pockets. “If I hadn’t had these experiences,” she says, “I would never have understood how things work. All of these incidents have taught me disaster management.”

And the talent doesn’t end there. Nabila’s eldest daughter, Samaya, is a young baker known for working her magic with fondant, with her siblings acting as her little assistants. The owner of her own business at 12 years old, Samaya also acquired the creative genes that Nabila so clearly possesses. Having recently quit her job to focus more on Rev Events and also everything she couldn’t make much time for in a decade and half, Nabila has paired up with her own daughter. For birthdays and bridal showers, Nabila would have to hire the dessert table in the past. Now, however, her daughter takes charge of the desserts, and the mother-daughter duo work their magic together.

Nabila has always had the eye for all things artistic, and now, she’s ready to do more to exercise her expertise. All this, added with the love and care put into even the smallest elements, is bound to make your special day the one of your dreams.