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  • Published at 12:25 pm March 8th, 2020
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Dheo -- a new name to add to your skincare routine

Majdah Jabeen, 29, is a Bengali-American now living in the city of Seattle, USA. It is a city obsessed with two things: drinking coffee, and being outdoors. “The culture of the west coast really values being outdoors, living closer to nature,” explains Majdah. With the idea of living close to nature, and staying fresh and hydrated she first started Dheo. Girls are now into natural skin care products. “A lot of young girls feel so much pressure to damage their skin using toxic skin whitening chemicals. I wanted to help stop this mindset, and help people celebrate their authentic self.”

Dheo Naturals, one of the fastest growing personal care startups in Bangladesh, recently celebrated shipping 10,000 orders. 

Since starting in 2018, the company has a single, no-compromise goal: bring only 100% natural, high quality personal care products to Bangladesh.

“We deeply believe that beauty comes from natural health,” says Majdah Jabeen, Founder of Dheo, “and that’s why we only focus on simple, pure products that help you safely take care of your skin and health daily.”

So far the company’s skincare line has launched three products: American Bentonite Clay for deep pore cleansing, American Pink Clay for skin hydration, and Eclipse Serum (pure raspberry seed extract) for all day skin protection. Recently they also launched Carbon White pure activated charcoal capsules for deep dental cleansing. All products are imported from the USA. 

Recently, the Avenue T team got the chance to use a few of their products and review them.


"A little goes a long way with this one. I got one sachet, and mixed it with the Apple Cider Vinegar as instructed, and used that as a mask. A single sachet makes for five to six uses, and leaves the skin feeling supple, and smooth. Immediately after use, the pores look smaller, and there is no irritation."

- Sabrina Fatma Ahmed


"Again, impressed with how much a small quantity gets done. I used a single pill for a single use, but there's easily enough of the carbon there for at least two brushes. My teeth did look a little brighter, although I wouldn't use this as a toothpaste substitute, simply because it does nothing to improve the breath." 

- Sabrina Fatma Ahmed 


"This one is a quick way to prep your skin before any function or get-together. I have mixed it with rose water, and used this mask. After keeping it for a while, I washed my face with lukewarm water. After using it, your skin will look red for a while but it slowly goes away. So, my suggestion is to use it at least one hour ago before going anywhere. It helps to hydrate skin, makes it bright and exfoliates it properly. A single sachet can be used for five times." 

- Sumaira Hossain Farin


"This serum contains antioxidants and helps create a barrier to protect the skin from sun and pollution damage, that causes early aging and hyper pigmentation. I am using it on a daily basis since the last month and I can clearly see the difference. I wake up in the morning, wash my face, and use one or two drops of this gently on my skin."

- Sumaira Hossain Farin 

Thousands of customers have already become passionate fans of Dheo skincare products all over Bangladesh.

 Check out Dheo Naturals products on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/shopdheo/ 

Disclaimer : Please don't forget to perform a patch test before applying the products.