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Lungi: The unsung hero

  • Published at 04:58 pm April 23rd, 2020
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With the sun shining graciously on us during summer, at a temperature of 38 degrees celsius, millennials usually go by the line: “It’s too hot to wear pants.”

This year, summer came without the humidity. The greasy warmth of the sun, lingering outside the windows of people either working from home or idling around, has not penetrated the concrete walls of a house. 

However, pandemic or not, it is important to maintain a proper dress code, because proper professionalism always gives an individual a cutting edge to making an impression.

Lungi, a two metre long, free running fabric, is worn by wrapping the fabric around the waist and locking the fabric with a knot so that it stays in place. Lungi comes in various fabrics -- cotton, silk or synthetic. It is the traditional wear for men in Asian countries mostly.

In this piece, the various ways of styling a lungi is covered, with the hope of tying professionalism and comfort in a knot.

Drape it

One way of wearing a lungi, portraying the strong Asian culture of this wear, is to drape it. Given the latest trends, the idea is to change the bottoms with different fabrics and drapes. Give your lungi an additional, complimentary fabric!

Fabric design is important

Plain beige, baby blue, peach, light brown are the go to colours for anybdy who wears  a lungi. Step away from the usual trend, and go for stripes, fancy prints, perhaps slightly floral? Or, a slightly embroidered front to enhance the tradition that you are wearing in order to add a more ethnic look.

Colours: Forget the neutral! The last few years have been about experiments. From colour to designs, people have been combining trends because fashion knows no rules. If you are wearing a sky blue shirt for a conference meeting, style it with a gold beige, or even dark brown. If the shirt is of a darker tone, it is better that the lungi is of a lighter shade. Baby pink, mint green, and sunflower yellow are some frightening colours that men hesitate on before choosing, but here is the thing, one can pull off any colour, if one knows how to style it right.

Pockets: Don’t make that face! Pocket is the greatest hack in fashion because they are trendy and they make you look important. Make pockets on both ends of your lungi -- you can even stitch it yourself! 

Pairing: It is not just that the lungi needs to be accessorised. Style your lungi with a printed shirt, or a jacket if you are not feeling so hot. Furthermore, try out different styles of wrapping the lungi for example, single turn, plaids, half length, etc.

Fashion is not always about following a trend, it is what you make of the fabric and clothing around you. Working from home demands comfort, and comfort can be styled in a way that you feel is right. Remember, there are no rights and wrongs in fashion. If you are wearing a lungi, wear it with pride because you are wearing a culture. Wear it, own it.