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Ramadan planner - week 2

  • Published at 09:45 pm June 16th, 2016
Ramadan planner - week 2

With the second week of Ramadan well under way, we've finally started to get ourselves accustomed to our new routines. To ensure that you're making the most of this month and getting things checked off your to-do list, we've listed our go-to tips for the second week of Ramadan, allowing you to really be able to maximise the blessings of this month.

Complete your banking chores Stepping into week two, try to keep a tally of how much you've spent and where. This is the time to keep your budget in check to ensure that you aren't in a monetary crunch prior to Eid. Check back on your budget to see if you've overspent in any one area - if you have, find ways to cut back on other areas. Once you've got your finances in check it's time to plan expenses - specifically any salaries you need to pay, and any Eid bonus you have to give to your employees. It's best to give it now rather than next week as many rely on their bonus and/or advance payment to cover their Eid expenses. With bank Eid holidays set around the first week of next month, now is the time to get all your bank chores out of the way. Making deposits, withdrawals and getting change notes for sadqa - get it sorted now. Also, if you are planning a Eid vacation, you can get your travel expenses ready as well.

Go gift-hopping

It may have seemed like the first week of Ramadan went by in a blink. With the second week settling in, it's time you begin to work on your Eid shopping list to relieve you of the last minute shopping frenzy. Last week you may have listed out the shopping necessities, but this week it is time to finalise it all to have a concrete plan. If you have children in the family - ask them for their wishlists too. This is the perfect time to get cracking since not only will you have lighter traffic, you can also avoid the last-minute crowds that are commonplace during the last week of Ramadan. If you can manage to get the Eid gift shopping out of the way this week, you can save yourself from running to the malls last minute.

Visit your tailor The ultimate Eid conundrum is the dreaded problem of getting your Eid clothes from your tailor. There really is only one way to make sure you're getting your Eid outfits on time and that is by having all your three-piece suits, loose materials and even ready-made outfits at his shop no later than by the end of the second week of Ramadan. Although there is no such thing as "ample" time for a tailor, at least you know he won't be able to pull the tried and tested excuse of not having enough time to alter/stitch your outfits. Not only will you be able to have clothes fitted, this will also leave you time for last minute fittings and touch-ups.

Check on your fixtures and fittings

Ramadan usually means the house is in a state of constant domestic chaos. New routines, meal plans and schedules make managing your home a difficult task. If you do have plans to deck out your home in all its holiday glory, now is the time to give your home fixtures and fitting a check. The checklist should include A/C's, cupboards, your refrigerator and any bulbs or lights that may need to be replaced. Look around and make a list of what needs to be fixed, painted or restocked. Depending on how you want to decorate your house for Eid, just find out if you have everything you need (spare bulbs, batteries, etc) to get ready to set it all up next week.

Book your tickets If you've got plans to go to your hometown or go for a family vacay, book your tickets at the beginning of this week. Not only will you get better rates, you can also make sure you find the best airfare deals. Along with your tickets, book your hotel and figure out your itinerary.

Practice constraint – it's Ramadan after all Try to approach the second week with a goal-oriented mind. For Sunah, you may choose a number of actions: preserving water while making wudu, saying dua upon entering Masjid, stopping eating before you are full, using leftover for next day's Iftar etc. For Thikr, you and your children can make a nightly routine of saying night duaa's, reciting 10 names of Allah, memorising a small dua or even listening to Quran recitation. For your Salah blessings, you can go for salatul Jummah, read two rakats after Isha or pray masjid salutaion prayer before Jumah prayer. As for Sadaqa, any plans you had to donate can be implemented this week. You can set an amount for each member of your family and donate to a mosque or the needy. Sadaqa doesn't necessarily have to mean donations - you can visit an ill person or a newborn baby, help someone in need or volunteer your time too.