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Fade to black

  • Published at 07:14 pm June 23rd, 2016

Last weekend was a gathering of the fashionably inclined at the Banani branch of Noir. Noir, a unisex clothing store, introduced a new collection that is on an exclusive run. The new line Zinari is limited, literally. Once piece each, for both men and women, are sold, and you will never see those designs again. Sure, you'll probably have a few folks who decide to replicate each piece on those racks, but it'll never be the genuine article. Zinari is a showcase of designs you won't find anywhere else. But the night wasn't simply about these wonderful limited items.

Surrounded by fashion bloggers, models and the right people from the right circles, Noir was buzzing with positive vibes, taking in compliments left and right. While Zinari was the main focus of the night, Noir has plenty more to offer. The current runway trends and what is, as the French like to say, tres chic can be found in every single corner of the store. More impressive are the accessories. The ever-so-elegant suede loafers for the men and the trendiest bags for women were a perfect example of what Noir has to offer. From belts, pocket squares, ties, bracelets, bags what have you, you can see the quality seep through every detail.

Catering to both high-street fashion and the ethnic-wear scene, Noir has all the intentions of garnering in a crowd who desire to enrich his or her lifestyle. If you could only see the frenzy at the check-out counter after the opening ceremony had concluded, you'd possibly mistake it for Black Friday during the holiday season in the States. It took about 30 minutes to walk up to the front of the line just to make a single purchase. That's how you do “busy” the correct way. Ultimately, Zinari is a bonus to an already attractive assortment of desirable fashionable goods. Is it worth shopping in? With a bit of the traditional ethnic-wear fused with the modern, you bet your stylish tush it is.