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It's getting hot in here

  • Published at 04:26 pm June 30th, 2016
It's getting hot in here

Why does it feel like every day is hotter than the one before? We're pretty sure there are times where you'd rather walk around completely nude. No, that's haram. However, that doesn't mean you have to suffer the summer heat every single day. Wearing tank-tops may not be a foreign concept, but most likely, some people might find it to be inappropriate. If you do decide on wearing a tank-top or super-short sleeved t-shirts, there's a few things to check off the list before you head out.

Dust off your shoulders

In a more ideal life, you'd get to have body hair exactly where you want them. Some of us have trouble growing a beard, while others have to shave every other day just because your five o'clock shadow arrives at noon. But of course, nothing is perfect and we're dealt with pesky single strands of hair that grow darker and longer than the others. We're talking about those long, single strands on your shoulders that poke out unfavourable drawing too much attention. Do yourselves a favour and a get tweezers to pluck out those stray hairs. From your shoulder to your upper arms, you want to make sure all your body hair is of the same length and same colour.


This should be a given. No one wants the sequel to Jumanji creeping out of your chest, spilling over your t-shirt's neckline. Look, it's bad enough that we're beaten senseless by the unforgiven heat, it's even worse if you're a hairy son of a gun. No one's telling you to get a full on “manscape”, just keep those bad boys tamed. There's nothing wrong or unmanly about trimming your body hair, especially your chest hair. Pick those trimmers up and work some magic, so that wearing a v-neck or a tank-top doesn't look unflattering.

In the pits

Okay, we're giving a complete pass to not only trim your armpit hair, but to shave them off completely. Wax them if you like, but keeping those suckers out so your friend feels tempted to braid them is a huge turn-off. In this little corner of your body, it's not about questioning your manhood. It's about being absolutely hygienic so no one gets grossed out by the unruly hair populating your pits. In other words, do yourselves a solid and keep those pits clean.

From front to back

Not too many people will give this particular portion of your body too much attention. The back of your head also needs to be trimmed and lined. We’re talking about the neck hair the connects your head to your upper back. Back hair can be a big nuisance too. While it’s always good to get a nice trim every other two weeks, don’t forget the hair growing in the lower part of your neck and upper back. The transition will look unfavourably uneven, no matter how well groomed you are regarding your hair and face.

Summer tips for the weekend

With those lazy Fridays and Saturdays aside, here are a couple of tips to go by this sizzling summer. If you put on your diva hat or have nothing to wear, you can always stick to a single and simple outfit. Find yourself a vintage printed shirt (short sleeves), some natural coloured denim and comfy, lux-leather loafers. They could be a nice throw back to the 50s in Miami or smaller modern prints for the shirts. As for the jeans, well, these will look nothing like the more common blue washed denim. Think about bright white, off-white, or even tan denim. The loafers have to be comfortable but also have plenty of elegance wrapped around those pretty toes of yours.