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A gentleman’s jacket

  • Published at 03:56 pm March 6th, 2017
  • Last updated at 03:56 pm March 6th, 2017
A gentleman’s jacket
It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular reader or someone new in the world of men’s fashion, it’s important to never be confused about the basic anatomy of the clothes we wear. The semi-formal or formal jacket in a man’s wardrobe happens to be one of the items that needs proper attention. With modern-day aesthetics and designs, fashion has blurred the lines between what is considered formal, semi-formal and casual. This goes from a fresh pair of Nike sneakers to tailored suits. This not only confuses beginners in the fashion scene, but also makes some of us style savvy men question our choices on a given event. Here’s a simple explanation of the differences between a blazer, sportcoat and a suit jacket.


This is a jacket that falls in between the sportcoat and suit jacket. It’s dressier than the sportcoat but less casual than the suit jacket. It was originally worn by members of boating clubs, highlighted by Ivy League alumni portrayed in films. Most blazers are solid in colour, with some brands rarely putting print on their blazers. Wool is the traditional fabric for blazers. Following the traditional line, it usually has brass/metal buttons, which isn’t always the case in today’s fashion. Blazers gel famously with dressy jeans, unless it has brass/metal buttons. Worn without the traditional buttons, this can easily be a go-to jacket for semi-formal events.


A much more casual choice than the blazer. It was originally worn during sporting activities like hunting or shooting. The best sportcoats are found in tweed, cotton or linen. Because of its casual fitting, these jackets are less constructed than a blazer or suit jacket for obvious reasons. The sportcoat is commonly mistaken for a blazer. While traditionalist find this annoying, most really don’t think it’s a big deal. While the blazer is a little upscale and can fit with both jeans and fitted trousers, the sportcoat goes best with jeans.

Suit jacket

Plan and simple, this was meant to be worn with matching trousers. As always we recommend that you get it tailored or bespoke over the choices on the rack, since these are much more constructed pieces. Fabrics may vary from suit to suit, but wool is the preferred choice. Buttons on a suit jacket are usually made of horn or plastic, giving off a lower contrast to that of the jacket itself. It may not be as versatile as a blazer, but a suit jacket can still be worn with dressy jeans. You’ll just have to match accordingly. A suit jacket can never be mistaken for the other two on the list because of its form, construction and pairing with a trouser. To wrap your head around the simple differences between the three, a suit jacket is simply a suit jacket. If the jacket does not have matching trousers, then you’re dealing with either a blazer or sportcoat. However, if a jacket is navy with gold buttons, that is undeniably a legitimate blazer by the traditional definition. Again, as mentioned, blazers have an array of characteristics nowadays. The suit-like jackets make it easier for us to incorporate the item into various combinations from our wardrobe. Single-breast or double-breast, just take a gander through mrporter.com and you’ll know what I’m talking about.