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Apple’s next gen

  • Published at 03:13 pm July 30th, 2017
Apple’s next gen
The latest beta version of the iOS 11 has, so far, been received well, yet is still a risk. We aren’t brave enough to test the waters as our friends have so we can only hear from a second-hand account. While that’s still in the process, we’ll have to wait until September for a full-on rollout for our Apple devices. With the latest devices and OS updates right around the corner, we take a look at what we know so far.

Future in specs

• Expect three different models, alongside two minor “S” upgrades, and of course the new iPhone 8 • There is a possibility that the home button and Touch ID is embedded beneath the display or located on the back • We might see iris scanning and/or facial recognition like the LG’s 3D sensor tech • New body design is curved with edge-to-edge OLED display and possesses the iPad’s True Tone technology, and also might have Ion-X glass • A surprising addition could be “wireless” charging. In other words, inductive or magnetic charging like the Apple watch • The dual-lens camera might be laid out in a vertical manner with AR capabilities • Support for the Apple Pencil • USB-C charger that connects with Apple’s existing Lightning connecter • Further steps for advanced water resistance and waterproofing will be in place • Better quality for the earpiece so that there’s a slightly louder and clearer audio • The obvious would be the A10X or A11 processors in place of the predecessors • Better stainless steel and glass body build • There will definitely be an upgrade in storage and memory and possibly starting with 64GB and 3GB of RAM • The new iOS 11 will either be supported by Intel or Qualcomm modem • Only on assumption, the phones will be priced between $850 to $1,099 iPhone-8-Size-Comparison-iDrop-News

Timing on point

As far as we know, Apple will report that they are right on schedule. However, there are many sources claiming that there have been minor issues with supply chains through manufacturing in its hardware upgrades and new phones. Analysts predict the new devises won’t start shipping out until October or even November. While the “S” models might launch in September, the major release will follow in the coming months.

What’s in a name?

Since we have no idea what the company is planning to call the new mobile device, we can only refer it to as the iPhone 8. Earlier in the year, we saw Apple replace the iPad Air 2 with simply the iPad. What is most likely to happen is the introduction of the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Another possibility would be that they skip past the 8 and 9 and claim the phone as the iPhone 10 or iPhone X, referring to the phone’s 10th anniversary.

Staying home

One of the biggest and long awaited changes to the iPhone is the home button and Touch ID. Leading sources like Kuo continue to emphasise that the physical home button will be replaced with a virtual one, sitting neat and tight under the display. However, the Touch ID will be positioned in a different part of the phone. The reason for this is the technology hasn’t been properly implemented, tried and/or successfully tested. It would be a mistake to make this technology available for the mass market when it hasn’t had the appropriate time period to be tested thoroughly. But who knows, Apple could pleasantly surprise us at the time of launch. In truth, this technology is very difficult; so don’t get your hopes up.

A little bit more

The new iPhone 8, according to JPMorgan, will definitely come with the AirPods. These Bluetooth earphones currently sell for $159. Staying within the price category, the iPhone 8 could cost a little over $1,000 in the US. Theories, if they turn out to be true, suggest that the 64GB entry-level model will start around $850, just like the Galaxy S8 Plus. The 7S and 7S Plus models would start around $649 and $749, respectively. And for those hoping that Apple has heard the groans and pains of the average consumer, it is highly unlikely that they will bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack. While other Android phones have kept the favoured headphone jack, there are no signs of Apple nudging on their new design stance. Keep in mind all of these specifications have yet to be confirmed by Apple, so we’ll just have to assume and wait once the marketing goes on full affect.