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Five ways to make your home décor more in tune with nature

  • Published at 06:37 pm August 14th, 2017
Five ways to make your home décor more in tune with nature
In today's world, living a healthy life is an everyday struggle, especially in the toxic cityscapes we tend to live in, with very few natural elements and greenery to soothe the eyes and mind. It can be tiring to breath in polluted air and be surrounded by manufactured things all the time, and adding natural and organic elements around your home can go a long way in giving it a friendly, more lived-in atmosphere, and giving you some much-needed peace of mind as well. Here are a few ways to use natural material and add a modern, eco style to your home décor.

For a rug-ged effect

You can bring fresh changes to an old room by simply throwing in a few rugs to add some style and colour to your floors – remember, they are just as important as what you have on your walls. However, before doing so, it is essential to consider choosing the right material, and the best rug space. If you're looking for simplicity and elegance, the sisal rug is a good organic material based rug to invest in. Try a honey coloured sisal rug, which will mostly be made out of sea-grass, mountain grass and jute. Alternatively, bamboo rugs or patis spread in different corners will add a chic, country touch to your home.

They're not just for pandas

Bamboo is eco-friendly, sustainable, and bound to be chemical-free. And for an authentic, local look, bamboo furniture is an apt choice. Instead of exclusive PVC doors, bamboo is a great alternative option to use as room dividers. If you want to create a reading nook or a little private corner, a creative use of bamboo can transform your room into a natural haven.

What do you say to Bonsai?

Did you know why the Chinese keep bonsai trees in their homes? They believe that it promotes relaxation and inner peace. In today’s world, people can barely open their windows/doors or spend hours in the scorching heat outdoors, let alone stroll about under trees. A tiny yet adult tree in a corner can add that green serenity and purity to your home to make up for the bleak outside.

Light up the lanterns

You can now find lanterns in all sorts of vibrant shades and interesting geometrical shapes nowadays, made of jute, cloth, bamboo and other organic materials. Let the soft and diffused lighting of lanterns spread its magic to every corner of your room. Or instead, cover the lanterns with solid structures like coconut-shells for added effect.

A few other options

Other natural elements can be incorporated into your home decor as centerpieces or even corner-pieces. Tree branches, pebbles, sea shells and dry flowers in a chunky vase will compliment your coffee table as well as your book shelf. Apart from creating stunning kitchen accessories, tree stumps also make wonderful stools. And nowadays stumps are also being used for wall decorations. Even wooden mirror frames are making a comeback this season. A bunch of home decor outlets around town have some lovely wooden mirror frames in different shapes and designs.