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Light it up

  • Published at 09:46 pm August 23rd, 2017
  • Last updated at 03:47 pm August 24th, 2017
Light it up
After spending a day outside in the glare of the sun, you might be forgiven for not wanting to use too much lighting indoors, especially if it stops the room from looking and feeling cool. But the right lighting can do everything for the ambiance of a room, and it can do wonders in affecting your mood as well. During festive season, you want your castle to look extra special, so here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your Eid décor as lit as possible.

Touched by fairies

I'm sure you've seen mini-lights being used on the wallsor iron-grills of balconies in Dhaka. Quite often, it's draped all across the building and can be a bit of an overkill. But how about using these fairy lights indoors, draped around your door or hanging from a shelf? Just a little twist of light can go a long away, and the best part of using these lights is that they come in all colours, shapes and sizes – allowing you to get really creative.

Floor Lamp

Fill a nook with light

It's the morning of Eid, and you're lying across your most comfortable cushion having a welcome conversation with your siblings, cousins or other visitors. Cosy corners in living rooms are always the best for bonding, so create a corner near a window to let the natural light in. For evenings, install a gorgeous floor lamp nearby, and you instantly have a nice place to just chill and hang out.

tabel lamp

View from the top

A hanging lantern can provide the last perfect touch for any room. Try and get something with different floral patterns, or made from colourful fabric or paper, or you can opt for one in an interesting shape as well. Hanging a pendant light in the middle of a room can transform it completely and add some real class and elegance to your décor.

Wall mounted candle holders

Dress up the walls

You might use wall hangings or photo frames to usually dress up your walls, but how about using a mounted candle holder or brass, glass-framed lantern instead? Holders made of wrought iron or wood, or even more organic material like clay, can be a great option.

Where to buy

Gulshan two circle, Sobhanbagh and Aarong are just some places you can browse for a variety of lighting options to liven up your room. Shops across the intersection of Doyel Chottor and Ideal Products are good option as well, especially for lights made out of natural products such as wood, bamboo or paper.