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Get traditional this Durga Puja

  • Published at 08:50 pm September 25th, 2017
Get traditional this Durga Puja


Keeping other things in mind, your makeup during Durga Puja, should depend on upon the time at which the puja will be held.

Day-Time Look

If you are attending a puja during the day time, then your makeup should be very subtle, keeping it as minimal as possible. Make sure that your skin is well moisturised before you get started with your makeup, as this will make your skin and makeup look flawless. Aim for an even base, use a foundation that matches your skin tone and then use a high-end concealer only to cover up any imperfections or blemishes. You may want to emphasise on the eyes though. Enhance the corners and the natural shape of your eyes with neutral eye shadows. If you want those typical big Bengali eyes, then line your eyes with kajal or a liquid eyeliner. You can also go with the trend and add some shimmer eye shadow to the middle of your lids. Try to finish off the look with the classic red lips and a red teep or simply, flaunt your lips in shades of nude.

Night-Time Look

If you have an evening puja to attend, you can go for a bold and heavier look. Keeping the same base makeup for the evening look, would be the wise thing to do in this humid weather. For the eyes, you can use shades like gold, copper, or plum. Try the smokey-eye look if you are aiming for a bold look. Thickly line the upper and the lower lash line with an eyeliner or kajal, this will make your eyes appear bigger and wide. Apply a maroon or cabaret lipstick and finish off the look with some blush and lots of highlighter.


Your hairstyle depends on your attire and makeup. If you are looking for a traditional look, simply tie your hair up in a bun, it's hassle-free and can be done in like five minutes. You can also tie your hair in a braid. French braid or the waterfall braid are some great options to try. But if tying hair is not your thing then you can always leave it open.


Without the classic red and white cotton sari, the essence of Durga Puja would remain incomplete. But you can always for borders in funky colours such as pink, yellow, orange, if you want something unconventional. If you're someone who doesn't believe in traditional attires, choose bordered saris in different colours and borders.