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5 questions with Farah Anjum Bari

  • Published at 04:31 pm October 14th, 2017
5 questions with Farah Anjum Bari
She’s been designing for over two decades now, and enjoys a client base that includes corporations and individual clients alike, and has designed from everyone and everything from royal dignitaries to airlines to beauty pageants. This week, we caught up with the delightful Farah Anjum Bari ahead of the upcoming Khadi Festival.

How has this year been for you so far workwise?

As I am involved in several other sectors apart from fashion design (Anjum is the Managing Director at Bay Eastern Ltd, and a Director for The Financial Express), work has been quite challenging. If we’re focusing on fashion, though, the designs I’ve worked on this year have been quite diversified, and as always, I provide exclusive designs for individual and corporate clients for special events and projects.

What are you looking forward to, at the Khadi festival, and your brand in general?

The idea behind my participation in this show is to encourage handspun khadi in the country as a fashion statement. The last two shows were grand successes. I think it is one of those great events where one could see top fashion designers along with young upcoming designers working together on a single product (Khadi) to express their creative thoughts, taking inspiration from local /traditional elements. I hope it will reach a greater audience this time. I regard this show as a splendid initiative by FDCB, the designers and the sponsors to bring this fabric into the fashion limelight. .This would also help countless weavers to get a better living.

What theme are you working this year?

This year, I will be working on the theme of “ Old Bengali jewelry”. I have taken inspiration from the hand-crafted golap bala, kaan (ear-cuffs), makri, jhumkas, and other traditional Bengali jewellery.

How will you express that in your designs?

Incorporating themes, ornamentation and motifs from these old jewelry into screen prints, embroidery and other interesting media, I have given my usual twist of experimental cuts and drapes to wearable khadi couture.

This year boasts a bigger line up of international foreign designers. Who are you excited about seeing?

I love cultural exchanges. It is always interesting to experience all the cultural diversity expressed through the designs of individual foreign designers with different backgrounds. Each designer will use different techniques flaunting their unique styles, different flavours and styles of individual country expressed through fashion. All the designers coming from india, Bhutan, Thailand Nepal and Malayasia are of good repute. I am excited to meet them all. [gallery size="full" columns="2" ids="221036,221037"]