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Shundorbon er Jolodoshshu

  • Published at 04:49 pm September 6th, 2018

Deshi Character Deshi Challenge 8 winner announcement.

DCDC or Deshi Character Design Challenge is a monthly competition from Cartoon People’s Facebook group. By participating in this challenge, participants get a chance to display their talent among the group members and also win awards.

The DCDC8 challenge was all about visualizing the pirates of the Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans, which is the world’s largest mangrove forest sits proudly against the Bay of Bengal, housing the likes of majestic Royal Bengal tigers and beautiful spotted deer among several other species. However, all is not well for the people residing around the forest. The fear of wandering tigers is only outshone by that of ruthless pirates inhabiting the nooks and corners of the mighty Sundarbans. Their horrific stories are well known among the locals and it is even more intriguing when some of them turn out to be real life Robin Hoods – friends of the poor.

With more than 140 entries, the DCDC8 challenge successfully ended on 
August 5. This time, winners of the first and second positions were selected by, legendary cartoonist Ahsan Habib, while winners of the third and fourth positions were selected by cartoonist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy and the Cartoon People executive committee.

Angona Ahsana won the first place for Dosshu Rani Fuly” while Arham Habib secured the second position for “Pirate Kakabu and his loyal pet Kakoli”. Rakib Razzaq and Junaid Iqbal Ishmam won the third and fourth places for “Mustafa the pirate” and “Khora Khorshed” respectively.

The winners of the DCDC challenge received a brand new graphic tablet as the first prize from Multimedia Kingdom and all four winners received a Certificate of excellence from Cartoon people.

Everyone including the judge, Mr Ahsan Habib loved “Dosshu Rani Fuly” by Angona Ahsana where the bandit queen Fuly was protected and guarded by her pet tiger. Next in line was the fat, scary pirate named “Kakabu” by Arham Habib where the character is standing fearlessly with his pet bird “Kakoli” while holding his special weapon.

All of the submissions were great and it was a very hard task to choose among them. The reason these two characters were selected is that they stood out the most with their local looks and features,” said Ahsan Habib.

Cartoonist Tanmoy's personal favourite was the character design by Rakib Razzaq, where an old pirate named Mustafa is keeping an eye out with his telescope, and also the one by Junaid Iqbal Ishmam where a fearless pirate named Khora Khorshed is standing straight holding his dagger.

It was very interesting to see the traditional medium winning over digital artwork this time in this challenge.

Drawing original and local comics/animation characters in Bangladesh is a practice that is hardly ever observed. In the years to come, Cartoon People aims to bring out more and more Bangladeshi cartoon characters through the Deshi character design challenge.

By participating in this challenge all the artists are guaranteed to have some local characters created for their portfolios, and if luck favours them and their hard work is displayed prominently enough, we stand to gain a lot more Bangladeshi comic and animation characters coming out from this practice - who knows?

The award giving ceremony will be held at EMK Centre, Dhaka on September 15, 2018, at 4:00 pm

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