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Dr Rabia Bhuiyan- The first female barrister of Bangladesh

  • Published at 02:26 pm January 25th, 2019
Dr Rabia Bhuiyan
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Dr Rabia Bhuiyan is the first female barrister of Bangladesh and first female voted speaker for a one day parliament session with the consent of the deputy speaker, while she was a selected member of the parliament during the Awami League Government in 1998. Being a true admirer of Mother Teresa, Rabia has also served as a technocrat Full Minister for the Social Welfare and Women’s Affairs of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

Dr Rabia has been a bookworm since her childhood. She was born in the beautiful and historic city of Dhaka, British India (now Bangladesh) on March 1, 1944. Being brought up in a family where there was no distinction between a girl and a boy, she was shocked when she witnessed an incident when her favourite teacher was mercilessly beaten up by her husband. Right at that moment, she decided to do something for the helpless women of Bangladesh.

Years after their marriage, when Dr Rabia and her husband - late barrister AKM Mozammel Bhuiyan - returned from the United Kingdom, other than Dr Rabia, there was no other female practicing barrister for more than a decade. It was difficult for students, especially females, to pursu legal education or live in UK. She wanted to create a path that would enable women in Bangladesh to become aware of their rights and create their own destiny, so that they can also help others to create their own. Thus, they decided to open Bhuiyan Academy to provide distance learning LLB course of the University of London.

Dr Rabia got the opportunity to meet Mother Teresa when she personally came to her residence during her visit to Bangladesh. Mother Teresa sat with Dr Rabia’s family members and told them “Pray together, eat together” (with family), which Dr Rabia will always remember.