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TLC for your furry friends

  • Published at 06:30 pm March 20th, 2021
Jamie Street

Although many people like to groom their pets at home, there's a lot more to pet hygiene than a shampoo bath, and definitely more than giving them a shower once a week or fur cuts during the summer, which oftentimes is messy, time and energy consuming, and taxing too. Even if you don't care much about your pet's appearance, grooming is an essential part of animal care. Regular grooming of your animal allows you to identify any underlying diseases or precocious conditions, meaning that they will be able to be treated faster and more effectively, and therefore, will be less likely to have any lasting impact on your pet. If you want a professional's help with that, there's a little shop in the heart of Dhaka city called Pampered Paws Bangladesh that offers all that and more.

This week, we had a quick chat with Ahona Rahman, a radio jockey who owns this business with two other partners— Nadia Hossain and Asadur Rahman Ashik, to talk about Pampered Paws.

I love the name Pampered Paws. Tell me a bit about your business.

Pampered Paws is a pet grooming service dedicated to cats, dogs and rabbits. We believe every pooch out there deserves to be pampered and not only feel fresh but to be healthy as well. There’s a shocking lack of professional pet salons in Dhaka, I have noticed. So, we started Pamper Paws, first of its kind, to serve the pets of Dhaka, for now, with compassion and responsibility.

I know that you own the business with two other people. How many people currently work at Pampered paws?

Our team consists of us three partners, and three staff who are basically the heart of Pampered Paws. They are very dedicated and gentle people. I personally trained them all. This whole operation revolves around them.

So how does it work? What’s a typical day at Pampered Paws like?

Well, you start by making an appointment. We take appointments online, you can message us on our Facebook page or Instagram to make an appointment. As I mentioned before, there's not a lot of businesses like this here. So people aren't used to this. Their pets aren't used to this. So, on the grooming day we begin by getting familiar with the pet. We spend around ten to twenty minutes helping our friend adjust. Then, depending on what service they chose, we offer three types—Basic, Advanced and Spa, we start the grooming. We are planning to expand our services very soon, to a Pet hotel and bakery, which will have cakes and cookies for pups as well as normal food for pets.

This is like one of the best jobs ever. Getting to hang out with furry friends all day. How’s the journey been like for you?

The journey has been amazing, it's been pawsome, so to speak. The occupational perks aside, the responses we have received exceeded all our expectations. We are almost booked up till next month. We have gotten really positive responses from all our customers so far, touch wood. We really hope to keep up the quality, and intend to make it better.

But given that pet grooming businesses aren't all that common in our country, it's okay to be wary. I'd recommend researching and don't be afraid to ask questions. Keeping your pet clean and healthy doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Pets add so much happiness to our lives, they deserve the absolute best care the world has to offer.

Five things a professional groomer wants you to know:

  • Brush your pet’s fur regularly.
  • Different pets react differently to grooming. While your dog might love it, even look forward to it after one session or two, your cat might hate it. 
  • Let your pet potty before you bring them to the groomer.
  • Be calm while dropping off your pet. Your pet picks up on your mood. It makes them jittery.
  • Have a clear idea what you want to do. Discuss it with your groomer beforehand if needed.

To learn more, visit Pampered Paws on their social media platforms



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