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Breaking point

  • Published at 06:49 pm January 29th, 2018
  • Last updated at 07:12 pm January 29th, 2018
Breaking point
Even the Dhaka Metropolitan Police admits it -- the traffic situation in the capital has become truly unsustainable in the past few days. Extreme levels of congestion have continued despite the fact that the government the construction of various flyovers in various parts of the city, and sometimes they have made the situation worse. As experts have repeatedly pointed out, what the city needs is a long-term solution, as flyovers only succeed in moving the bottleneck from one part of the city to another. Dhaka’s untenable traffic situation has gone on for too long, with data suggesting that the average speed of Dhaka’s traffic is just a little above the average walking speed. This is a problem that now severely impacts the conditions of not just the city, but of our entire economy. It continues to consume up to 3.2 million hours a day, with Dhaka’s traffic causing the nation to lose out on billions of dollars every day. While the economic pitfalls are evident, it also causes great harm to the environment, an issue that affects anyone living in the city. The only way to solve the traffic problem in the city would be through better, more comprehensive public transportation. A better bus system and subsequent reduction in the number of cars in the street would not only force congestion to go down, but the air pollution levels in the capital as well. We need to create space for dedicated bus lanes on the roads of Dhaka, which could go a long way towards making Dhaka a less suffocating place for its denizens. This would undoubtedly be a significant step towards making Dhaka a more liveable city.