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Skills for the future

  • Published at 07:30 pm April 1st, 2018
  • Last updated at 02:20 am April 2nd, 2018
Skills for the future
Technical proficiency is key for a nation striving for economic prosperity. As such, the government’s decision to expand technical education in the country shows that it has its finger on the pulse of the future. Our impending jump from LDC to developing nation status means that Bangladesh has progressed much, but that the goals we set for ourselves must be more ambitious. While many amongst our youth do have access to education, what we need, moving forward, is for a significant portion of them to remain technically proficient. Bangladesh has always suffered from the misconception that technical skills pale in comparison to business degrees, and this move by the government -- which will see 389 more of such schools be set up -- will go a long way in ensuring that such faulty notions are eliminated. Additionally, eight colleges will be set up exclusively for women, which would not only see them making great strides towards equality, but capitalize on the many women who make up this country’s population, who have much to contribute to this nation and its economy. Technical skills are highly valued elsewhere in the world and this should come as no surprise. These skills are the backbone of any nation, playing an essential role in keeping the country moving. And it’s about time that Bangladesh started thinking along the same lines. This is an excellent idea that will provide the youth of this country with the opportunity to find more jobs and allow them the freedom of social mobility, one that stands to contribute significantly to the reduction of poverty.