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The power of the full moon on Buddha Purnima

  • Published at 06:40 pm April 28th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:19 am April 29th, 2018
The power of the full moon on Buddha Purnima

The moon travels through a cycle every month. Her energy pulls the waters of Earth, affecting the rhythm of waves. We humans are made up of over 60% water. As such, the moon affects our constitution too.

Thus, the moon is connected to our emotions, intuition, feeling of security, creativity, sleep, sanity, and imagination. When the moon is full, we feel full of energy on a deep level.

As the moon moves through her cycle, we feel her energy affecting our lives in different ways.

New moon: On a new moon, we enter the energy of creation. This is a perfect time to plant a seed, set an intention, make a wish, or ask for guidance from the Universe. During this time, our psychic energy is high and we may experience deep solitude.

Waxing moon: A waxing moon helps us to take action, to follow up on our goals, dreams and wishes, to attract those experiences to our lives that help us to grow.

Full moon: The full moon represents the most powerful point in the cycle. It is a time of high energy and a time to release and let go of all that no longer serves us, a time to welcome in the new.

Waning moon: The waning moon is a time to look within and reflect on where we are and where we are going. This is the moment just before rebirth. Revelations can occur and our intuition can be strong.

Why release?

Terrible things happen in life. Letting go of the hurt and traumas which have scarred us makes space for growth. Sometimes we dwell in, even obsess over, our past. This distracts us from the present moment where life takes place.

Sometimes we bury the past deep in the darkness of our subconscious mind, unaware even of its influence. There it festers. It’s time to clean up the corners, sweep up the cobwebs.

Yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) are also powerful healers, especially powerful during a full moon

How to release?

There are many ways to release deeply ingrained traumas. One exercise that helped me was to draw out a trauma timeline. Focus especially on things which hurt or affected you in your early years, up to the age of 18. Then imagine yourself talking to your younger self, with love, with compassion. Tell her (or him): “It’s OK. You are alright. It’s not your fault. You can let go.”

Alternatively, you need not visit the darkness of the past. You may let go of those hurt without even knowing of them. Tell yourself: “With the next exhale, I choose to let go of that which no longer serves me. I may not even know what that is, but I choose to let it go.”

Repeating these affirmations, while tapping on your energy meridians, is a powerful method known as Emotional Freedom Technique (check out Intentional Smile available at Bookworm and Gourmet Bazar). It is best to learn EFT from a trained master then later you may use this technique to heal yourself.

Another technique to shake off negative beliefs and burdens is simply to talk it out. Catharsis. Say it over and over again till it no longer hurts. Either to a friend or a counsellor (check out PHWC in Banani). You can also say it to your reflection in a mirror, an imaginary person (perhaps a friend who has moved on to the next world), a glorious tree, a loving pet.

Otherwise, try to write down the Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) you want to get rid of. Write it up in as much detail as you can, then burn the paper. Next, take a shower, swim, bathe, dance in the rain, and let it wash away. Cry also. Crying can be very therapeutic.

Yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) are also powerful healers, especially powerful during a full moon. So tonight, stretch your mind and body. Tomorrow you will feel fresh.

After the release

Now focus on what you want to cultivate in your life. Reflect on what you want to draw into the empty space you have created. Is it bliss? Courage? Compassion? Joy? Visualize yourself looking and feeling the way you want.

Call upon the energies you want to attract. Draw that energy into your heart. Imagine you already possess the strength you would like to have. Slowly your affirmations will manifest your reality.

Shine like Buddha

Tonight’s full moon is especially auspicious, as it marks the birthday and day of enlightenment of the great Gautama Buddha.

I have learned a great deal about “treading gently on the earth” and sitting like Buddha (in bliss emptiness) from the illustrious Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

His beautiful words of wisdom are available to us on YouTube. Check him out!

He says, focus on your breath. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, smile, and: “Breathe in, enjoying the inhale, breathe out, enjoying the exhale.”

Any thoughts you have, let them come and go, while you keep your attention on your breath. With practice, this simple exercise of mindful breathing can become a refuge for you, a comforting place to go in times of stress.

Another mantra he teaches is “inhale, strong as a mountain, exhale, fresh as a flower.”

Strong as a mountain means you are able to stand in your true north alignment, being your authentic self, not swaying with the demands of the crowd.

Fresh as a flower means you are not bogged down by regrets from the past or worries of the future, rather, you are spontaneous and open to the present moment, where life takes place.

This simple mantra has given me great solace.

Try it out.

Be like Buddha today: Smile and let go. Good luck, you beautiful soul. Shine on.

Shazia Omar is a writer, activist, and yogini. www.shaziaomar.com.