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Fix our broken education system

  • Published at 12:24 am June 6th, 2016
  • Last updated at 01:03 am June 14th, 2016
Fix our broken education system
Though a recent news report -- showing the vacuous nature of a GPA-5 in the national board exams -- has gone viral, it provides us with a perfunctory understanding of what is really wrong with our education system. The video footage, which shows several GPA-5 students being asked various questions from subjects ranging from science to general knowledge, only serves to humiliate those being interviewed, instead of focusing on the real problem. Between 2012 and 2015, there have been 63 cases of public exams being leaked. This is a clear indication of how our youth are receiving education under a corrupt and faulty system. As a result, more and more of those who can afford it are choosing to study in English-medium schools or are trying to find alternative avenues for education. It has become clear that the Bangladeshi population does not trust the national education system that it has inherited. The government needs to do more to ensure that those in charge of exam papers, and those who have responsibilities within the system as a whole, are properly monitored and checked to be trustworthy. Though some measures were taken at the beginning of this year, such as conducting MCQs before the creative or narrative section and the question papers reaching the examination hall a half an hour ahead, this is clearly not enough, and is only a short-term solution to a much bigger problem. It is imperative that credibility is restored to our education system so that candidates coming through it and their credentials are given the respect they deserve.