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A menace to society

  • Published at 12:05 am October 8th, 2016
A menace to society

Too many times, BCL members have been the root cause of violence at university campuses and elsewhere.

The hacking of Sylhet Government Women’s College student Khadiza Akhter Nargis, only 23 years old, at the hands of Badrul Alam, a BCL leader at Sylhet University of Science and Technology, is the latest among many such incidents.

Time and time again BCL members and leaders have wreaked havoc on otherwise peaceful university campuses, hurting countless innocents.

Khadiza now lies in critical condition in a Dhaka hospital, desperately fighting for her life.

In July, Chittagong University was subjected to BCL’s brutality, leaving three injured, and hurting the university’s day-to-day activities, leading to class suspensions.

And in June, a BCL leader was killed during a spout of gunshot violence between aspiring members.

And who could forget the downtrodden image of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal last year after the student political organisation’s members assaulted a group of teachers who had been demonstrating peacefully outside of the SUST campus?

The pattern here is clear: Bangladesh Chhatra League has become a menace to society. And they must be reined in before things deteriorate further.

Chhatra League has been given enough chances to get their act together, and they have repeatedly flouted the law in the name of politics. An association with the political party in power does not an immune organisation make.

No more blood should be spilled at the hands of these hooligans posing as student leaders. The government and the police need to rein in these thugs and make sure we have no more Khadizas struggling to stay alive.

This has to stop and it has to stop now.