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Save Halda River before it’s too late

  • Published at 12:00 am October 10th, 2016
Save Halda River before it’s too late

The continuous polluting of Halda river due to industrial and household waste is a serious problem.

The pollution is being caused by waste from various industries and the Bayezid-Oxygen areas which are set up near canals by the river, with the waste eventually feeding into the Halda.

For a river that is instrumental to the country’s economy, this kind of treatment is deplorable.

The Halda river is crucial in providing water to 6.5 million people every day. Additionally, its waters are home to a plethora of fish, such as the broodfish and the carp, with the former alone generating Tk800 crore ever year.

The government cannot sit back while this level of negligence and subsequent damage is carried out right under their nose. Industries and household areas must be held accountable for the waste they produce, and they must be made to use industrial waste treatment mechanisms such as effluent treatment plants.

On top of that, action must be taken against tanning and dyeing factories setting up shop near river banks, which are the prime culprits when it comes to water pollution in Bangladesh.

The ensuing pollution has already led to a drastic decrease in the amount of fish present in the river and, if this persists, not only will the fish lose their habitat, but plenty of people, who are dependent on them and the river, will have their livelihoods destroyed.

This is to say nothing of the multitude of diseases that a polluted river can host.

The time to take corrective action is long overdue. This needs to be fixed now. We cannot wait any longer.