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Time to stand up for Bangladeshi Hindus

  • Published at 12:00 am November 6th, 2016
Time to stand up for Bangladeshi Hindus

The Hindu community in Bangladesh is under assault.

Every Bangladeshi with a conscience needs to stand up for them, and stand alongside with them.

The ruling party deserves praise, as it has always historically been the party of pluralism and minority rights, and the strongest political force against extremist elements in the country.

It is good see that the Awami League has suspended three of its own leaders of Nasirnagar in Brahmanbaria for their involvement in the burning down of six Hindu households.

However, more needs to be done.

The government needs to make it clear that it supports the Hindu community in this dreadful time, and that violence will not be tolerated.

A message of solidarity goes a long way, but we also need to act so that these attacks never happen again.

Religious extremists are sowing seeds of division amongst us. They are insidiously spreading hatred by making fake online posts and creating diversions, making it look like minority communities are to blame.

We cannot let hate tear this country apart.

Bangladesh was founded on secular principles, which are written into the constitution. Every Bangladeshi deserves protection from the law, and has the right to live without fear of attacks based on religion.

The nation is facing a crisis right now, and unity is what is required from all.

The future of the country is at stake.