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This is the best of Bangladesh

  • Published at 12:01 am November 17th, 2016
This is the best of Bangladesh

DLF is back.

The three-day Dhaka Lit Fest, beginning today at the Bangla Academy, will showcase the best that Bangladesh has to offer.

After the tragic events of July 1, the festival is a heartening reminder of our vibrant literary culture, and the true values of the people of this country -- those of free expression, equality, and tolerance for ideas.

Covering a broad range of socio-political issues and forms, from literature and history, to music and the visual arts, the event is slated to be one of the biggest of the year.

DLF will also feature a diverse group of distinguished speakers -- true luminaries in their respective fields -- who will come together to create an environment that welcomes the free exchange of ideas.

The participation of the likes of the great Sir VS Naipaul is further indication of what the festival has to offer to the public.

The continuation of DLF sends a clear signal that Bangladesh will not cower in the aftermath of the tragic events of this year, and shows that the efforts of those who try to terrorise us or spread hate will not succeed.

Dhaka is a city of culture and diversity, and the Dhaka Lit Fest is a grand example of our tradition.

Not only does DLF bring the world to Dhaka, it brings Dhaka to the world.

Anyone interested in the burning issues in the world today will, no doubt, find it well worth their time to visit.

This year’s DFL seems poised to be a success, just like last year it showed that it was fully possible to host a world class literary festival right here in Dhaka.

This is art, this is culture, this is heritage -- and this is what Bangladesh is all about.