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Make the most of China relationship

  • Published at 12:00 am November 28th, 2016
Make the most of  China relationship

During Chinese Premier Xi Jingping’s visit last month, China-Bangladesh relations reached new heights, signing MoUs worth $13.6 billion.

Which is why it is encouraging to see Chinese Ambassador Ma Mingqiang drive this relationship further by expressing his nation’s wish to work with Bangladesh in developing our blue economy.

China’s ever-expanding role in boosting Bangladesh’s economy is crucial. Smaller economies such as Bangladesh have much to offer the rest of the world but count for nothing but wasted potential without the backing of larger economies. Which is why these relationships are an integral part for our nation’s increasing forward momentum into the future.

President Xi Jingping’s visit was a turning point in Bangladesh-China relations, to say the least. Despite our economy being much smaller in scope to that of a rising superpower, it is very uplifting to see the country’s top leaders recognise the economic potential that a country like Bangladesh has to offer.

But that’s merely the beginning. China has also promised to invest in Bangladesh’s budding ICT sector, which will go a long way in fully realising the sitting government’s dreams of a truly Digital Bangladesh, and, tangentially, of becoming a middle-income nation in the next five years.

There is a lot that Bangladesh can learn from a nation such as economically-storied China, which has successfully developed their blue economy into the mainstream. The Bay of Bengal is full of untapped resources that Bangladesh would do well to take advantage of.

With 30 million people in Bangladesh dependent on the nation’s marine economy, it is not just important for our growth, but also for the continued improvement of the livelihoods of those who work with the waters of Bangladesh.

It is up to the government now to focus on what’s important for the economy, and to ensure that relationships such as these continue to blossom and help navigate Bangladesh into bluer waters.