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The fight is far from over

  • Published at 06:26 pm March 7th, 2017
The fight is far from over

On this International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate our women.

Bangladesh, as a country, has come a long way. We have made much progress in various sectors of our economy, from RMG to ICT, and have taken great strides towards achieving middle-income status.

But all of this means nothing if the women in our country continue to be left behind.

Sadly, our country still has a long way to go to ensure fair and equitable treatment for women.

Women are subjected to various kinds of harassment on a daily basis. Our streets, which should be open for all, are not safe for women.

Incidents of rape and sexual harassment continue to litter the news.

How can we speak of progress when half of the population is subjected to such treatment?

Women have played significant roles in our history, and continue to drive innovation and change. And with some of our most respected leaders and representatives being women, including our honourable prime minister, it is an even worse crime that that respect has not borne fruit in our day to day lives.

The recent passing of the Marriage Act, which would allow children to marry under “special provision,” is one example among many of how women continue to get the shorter straw.

This International Women’s Day, let us not just work to celebrate women and their rights, but to also change the way they are perceived in the world.

No society in the 21st century can claim progress if its citizens continue to subjugate women to an existence as bleak as the one we see around us today.

Let us work together to make true gender equality a reality, not just a dream.