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A fair grade

  • Published at 07:46 pm May 6th, 2017
A fair grade

This year saw a decline in the SSC pass rate, and while this means many students and parents across the country have been disappointed, it is not such a bad thing overall.

Only about 80% of the candidates made it through, compared to last year’s pass rate of 88%.

It goes without saying that in previous years, the pass rate was inordinately high due to the broken SSC grading system.

This year, changes were made by the Ministry of Education, and for the better.

With teachers across the country being given script evaluation guidelines, and head examiners and the Bangladesh education development unit checking answer scripts, the SSC grading process has been made much more efficient that previous years.

While it is good that the grading of board exams have been made fairer and more standardised, the Ministry of Education needs to continue to work on eliminating flaws in the system.

Ultimately, the great disparities that exist across the country, from one school to the next, must be addressed. For this to happen, nothing but a comprehensive overhaul of our education system will do.

Our education system has been plagued with problems, and they go beyond the SSC examination marking system.

The recent fiasco involving textbooks riddled with errors shows that the pass rates for a standardised exam mean nothing if students are learning the wrong things in the first place.

Children are the future of the country, and we owe it to them to give them not just a fair grade in their SSC, but a good education overall.