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We cannot give in to manufactured rage

  • Published at 07:59 pm June 11th, 2017
We cannot give in to manufactured rage

We are better than this.

It is unfortunate that communal tension is still a malaise that plagues our society, and the attacks in Rangamati’s Langadu upazila are nothing if not a disappointing testimony to that fact.

Even more troubling are indications that the atrocities witnessed in Langadu are clearly planned incidents -- a case of manufactured rage to drive the indigenous population out of their respective homes.

Sadly, this is nothing new fo us -- but it is not something we can tolerate any longer.

Of course, the initial murder of Jubo League member Noyon, which led to the subsequent attacks, needs to be investigated.

Before the Langadu attacks took place, mourners at the funeral had already arrived with fuel, staves, and sharp weapons, asking for the punishment of “ethnic terrorists.” Reports of the law enforcers being present but doing absolutely nothing add further fuel to the fire.

Needless to say, such people have no business being in law enforcement.

This is a clear attempt by local Jubo League leaders to incite violence against the indigenous community -- an especially despicable form of evil that we absolutely cannot allow to take hold in a society as diverse as ours.

Any evidence of the incident being the result of manufactured rage needs to be investigated, and the perpetrators promptly punished. They need to be educated, if not disciplined, on how Bangladesh is proud of its multi-cultural history, and that we will not stand for communalism in our midst.

Hundreds of adivasis now find themselves without a home -- if we do not recognise the damage that such an obvious case of manufactured rage can cause, history is bound to repeat itself.