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The evolving threat of militancy

  • Published at 06:02 pm October 23rd, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:57 pm October 23rd, 2017
The evolving threat of militancy

There has been a disturbing trend of militant activity among Bangladeshi migrant workers overseas, and our counter-terrorism unit is struggling to understand why.

Singapore has so far deported over 50 Bangladeshis for their involvement in militant activities.

Meanwhile, four New JMB trainers have been eluding capture since they were first identified on March 15.

When it comes to fighting terrorism, it seems that for every step forward, we take two steps back. The trainers that are still on the run are probably recruiting scores more along the way, and Golam Rabbani, the missing militant deported from Malaysia is probably busy cooking up a plan to attack.

What is really perplexing is that our law enforcement and counter terrorism unit’s response to all this, or perhaps, the lack thereof.

One would expect those deported to be immediately arrested upon arrival, but apparently, two of the 15 Bangladeshis deported from Singapore this year were arrested almost 20 days after arriving in the country. And many others have not been arrested at all.

The level of oversight and lack of alertness among law enforcement is just not good enough.

Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies need to be one step ahead of the militants at all times, but it seems they are either incapable or completely overwhelmed.

Either way, they need intensive and extensive training in fighting terrorism.

At the same time, the government should devote more resources into investigating and countering the underlying forces which are drawing more and more people into the dark path of militancy.