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Ready for tomorrow

  • Published at 05:57 pm December 6th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:37 am December 7th, 2017
Ready for tomorrow
Yesterday marked the inauguration of the Digital World exposition in Bangladesh, which will host global technology giants like Google and Facebook. Through various activities, talks, and seminars, the expo will focus on multiple aspects of the ICT world, including a spotlight on women in ICT -- underscoring the current government’s commitment to women empowerment and gender parity. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is doing an immense service to the nation by advocating for and conscientiously working to develop ICT skills development in Bangladesh through exemplary initiatives like this. As the prime minister pointed out in her opening speech, the youth make up 65% of our population and making timely investments to garner their aptitude and ability is essential for our national growth and development. With an IT outsourcing industry worth a staggering $150 billion, India has unambiguously demonstrated the advantages and enormous pay-offs to be expected from such investments. But due to rapidly shifting international dynamics, the global outsourcing industry is currently experiencing a turning point as the market rearranges itself to adjust to changing circumstances. This gives us an excellent opportunity to enter the market as we can prepare according to the new skills that come into demand. It is therefore an excellent and timely investment by the government to promote the ICT sector and equip our young people with the necessary skills to conquer global technology markets. Government sponsored ICT skills development initiatives are already at work, giving our youth an unprecedented opportunity and opening new doors for them.