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It’s all about the women

  • Published at 07:51 pm December 30th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:26 am December 31st, 2017
It’s all about the women
Despite some setbacks and the ongoing scourge of sexual harassment, Bangladesh has made great strides in terms of women’s rights and empowerment over the last decade or so. Women in the workforce are currently contributing to about 34% to our total GDP growth, which is huge, in light of the fact that women make up 29% of our total labour force. More and more women are participating in various sectors of the formal economy and also in governance. Besides our women parliamentarians, we have many brilliant and pioneering women in important positions in local administration. In Tangail, we are seeing this in action. 12 trailblazing women in the local government -- nine upazila nirbahi officers (UNO) and six assistant commissioners (AC) of 12 different upazila districts -- have shown the way forward. Each of them has demonstrated superior aptitude and ability throughout their academic lives, and 11 out of 12 of them are BCS cadres. This year, in particular, has also seen some noteworthy achievements by and for Bangladeshi women. The highly talented and successful executive of Microsoft Bangladesh, Sonia Bashir, also became managing director of Microsoft Bhutan, Nepal, and Laos. In November, Bangladesh Air Force selected two female pilots -- who are, incidentally, also the first female combat pilots in our air force -- for a UN peacekeeping mission. Earlier this year, the Bangladesh Post Office recruited 19 female drivers. These incredible women have broken the metaphorical glass ceiling, giving all of us hope for the future and setting an excellent example for the next generation of girls to follow. May the next year bring even greater achievements for our women.