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Dial for a doctor

  • Published at 10:36 am May 15th, 2018
Dial for a doctor

To realize a truly Digital Bangladesh, mobile health care could very well be the next big step

There is no limit to how mobile technology can transform a country like Bangladesh.

Already, mobile banking has changed the face of the financial sector; so why not use the same technology to make access to health care easier?

This is particularly needed in rural and remote areas, where health and medical services have always been hard to come by, and where doctors cannot easily get to. 

In this regard, mobile health services have a significant role to play. 

One such example is Aponjon, a mobile-based health care service for marginalized women. Aponjon has succeeded in helping more than two million women since its inception, providing access to health care and health-related information to women who would otherwise have had to travel far and wide for the nearest hospital. 

A service such as this is crucial, as it increases awareness amongst mothers about antenatal and postnatal care, of which many women still remain ignorant due to a lack of education and facilities. 

This is the sort of initiative we need to get behind, and it has the potential to transform the lives of Bangladeshis. With enough support from the government, other such initiatives can be seen springing up across the country, catering to the various health needs Bangladeshis have.

With the Bangabandhu-1 satellite now in orbit, we are surely and steadily headed towards a future where connectivity will be available to even the remotest corners of our nation. And this increased connectivity will allow us to improve the quality of mobile health care, which has already done so much good.

To realize a truly Digital Bangladesh, mobile health care could very well be the next big step.