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Stuck in the water

  • Published at 03:40 pm June 24th, 2018

This problem of urban flooding and water-logging is not a new one

Every year during the monsoon, Dhaka comes to a standstill because of severe water-logging resulting from rainfall. 

And every year we listen to meek promises from the authority about tackling this issue with no real results.

A faulty drainage system and roads which become veritable bodies of water after the slightest bit of rainfall speak to how utterly unprepared our administrative bodies are in weathering heavy rainfall.

Our capital city is stuck in a loop of infrastructural inadequacy and water-logging, it appears.

But there is absolutely no excuse for the citizens of a major metropolis to live this way.

Given the sheer predictability of the rainy season, it is baffling how we have yet to put into any effect any kind of plan to avoid roads getting flooded, thereby hampering the mobility of citizens, and exacerbating our existing problems such as traffic and wasted productivity.

There has been a lack of cooperation between our administrative bodies such as Dhaka WASA and our city corporations -- they have consistently failed to work together in formulating possible solutions, and have avoided taking responsibility.

The need for greater citizen awareness cannot be denied, a lack of which means that waste is never properly disposed of, and instead is thrown out on the streets causing our drains to clog up, resulting in the water-logging we are witnessing on our roads this time of the year.

This problem of urban flooding and water-logging is not a new one, and it is high time government made it a priority, if it wishes to make Dhaka liveable once more.

We wish to reach developing nation status one day -- for that to happen we need to solve the water-logging problem without further delay.