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Free and fair

  • Published at 06:55 pm December 10th, 2018
Ballot box

No one wants to see Bangladesh’s democracy threatened

With the allocation of electoral symbols now finalized, the next stage of Bangladesh’s 11th parliamentary elections has begun. 

This means that up until 32 hours before Election Day on December 30, candidates can now start campaigning for their respective constituents. 

These next few weeks are an integral part of Bangladesh’s democratic process, and it is imperative that peace is maintained throughout this period, and that all participants conduct themselves so as to ensure that the elections remain free and fair in nature. 

For one, it is a duty incumbent on all parties and candidates to ensure that there is no violence or untoward activity of any shape or form -- it must be made clear to voters and party activists that the Election Commission will not tolerate any tactics to impede a smooth electoral process. 

The role of law enforcement agencies also remains a crucial one, as these agencies must work to safeguard the sanctity of the democratic process and take a hard stance against perpetrators who wish to destabilize peaceful electioneering campaigns, regardless of their respective party affiliations. 

Actions which devalue the elections not only deny the people of this nation their right to vote, but fly in the face of the democratic values on which this country was founded. 

At the end of the day, no one wants to see Bangladesh’s democracy threatened, be they candidate, party, or citizen, and be it through violence or the misuse of power.