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There’s something in the milk

  • Published at 12:04 am May 10th, 2019

Adulterated food items being sold to the consumers is an acceptable breach of public trust

It is a matter of grave concern that a recent report by the National Food Safety Laboratory has found high levels of contaminants in milk and dairy products. 

Food adulteration has become, over the last decade or so, a rather serious issue in Bangladesh.

But along with ensuring food security, our regulatory bodies should be ensuring that the food we are getting is indeed safe for consumption.

The fact that it is in an ingredient as essential as milk is nothing short of alarming.

Milk and dairy products are everywhere in a Bangladeshi’s diet, especially for children, and to allow such adulteration to go unchecked is not only negligent, but could be disastrous for the population in the long run. 

What is concerning is that the follow-up report submitted by the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority has merely corroborated the initial report, without actually identifying the companies and their products which were found to have contaminants in them. 

One cannot help but question the logic behind such an obvious omission. 

It is good to see that the High Court has recognized the flaw, and has ordered the BFSA to ensure that the ones responsible for poisoning our milk are identified and brought to book.

As we speak, millions of Bangladeshis across the country are potentially consuming unacceptable levels of toxins, pesticides, and other contaminants through milk, putting their health at risk. 

When food is bought or consumed, the public must be able to trust the government that it has been marked as safe. 

Toxic or adulterated food items being sold to the consumers is an unacceptable breach of public trust, and one we must stand against.