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We are all human

  • Published at 12:02 am May 14th, 2019

Let us take this Ramadan as an opportunity to be kind to each other

In a country as diverse as Bangladesh, a country that was founded on values of secularism and democracy, communal harmony remains of the utmost importance. 

And there is no better example of this than the example set by the monks at Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery in Basabo, Dhaka, who serve iftar to the countless women and children who line up outside its gates. 

This practice, which was started around a decade ago by the incumbent Lord Abbot, Sanghanayaka Suddhananda Mahathero, not only represents the diversity of religion and race with which Bangladesh has been blessed, but also highlights the pure beauty of communal harmony and how effective it is in bringing all of us together. 

As we have seen countless times, forces both within and outside of our nation have constantly tried to separate and segregate us, to create an “us versus them” mentality which only serves to harm as individuals, and as a nation.

We must use the example of the Dharmarajika Monastery to relearn the importance of communal harmony.

While Bangladesh has made great strides towards economic progress, we must not forget that religious tolerance, communal harmony, and understanding between differing faiths also contribute to a nation’s overall social development and, in effect, create a much stronger nation. 

At the end of the day, people are defined by their strength, and it is only when we come together as a people that we are at our strongest.

Let us take this Ramadan as an opportunity to be kind to each other and love one another, and understand the importance of being connected simply as human beings.